Thursday, March 15, 2012

I'm back...without a fuss but with a buzz...

Ages since I posted here...many reasons to cite, but will leave it...can't be making excuses can I?
Excuses like Doug Brown said .."It is easier to find an excuse than to find a reason.". So I refrain. Its nearly a year now, filled with lots of amazing events in my life, some harrowing, some so fun filled it still brings smiles...but never for once did I think of not blogging.
There was a time , when every move, every sight made us think of it as a blog post..but now its a status on FB or Tweet about's become so fast paced now :P (as if it wasn't earlier!? )..
Some really fun events that i've been through goes like this..
Preethi Shenoy's book launch for her 3rd book " Tea for two and a piece of cake". I know its a wee bit late to be talking about it..but I have to. I had attended her first one too for her book "34 Bubblegums and candies". It was the first time I was meeting her too then. Her journey has been good I know..its risen with confidence. When I heard her speak this time, I knew she was completely into her writing. Poised and confident. I've read all her books. And each one has been a memorable one. Each book, makes one want to put themselves in at least one of her character's shoes and say "Hey, that sounds familiar.."..I know she's already onto her next one...thoughts in place and words in here I go wishing her "ALL THE BEST"
Suma from "Aalochane" ( has been shifting in and out of cities and countries that I think the time zones have had her zoned out..A shout out to her to get back here too..
My sons grew up while I goofed around, and before I knew it they were teaching me stuff..Now its going to take me a while to get back into this blogging jargons, and all these varied stuff I used to do and write before I took a please bear with me.
Today I was listening to "Ekla chalo re" By Amitabh Bachchan form "Kahaani" and was reminded of my first blog post ..which was about the same poem and made me want to get back ..and here I am
I'm promising myself a blog a week at least for the help me out..and
Did I even say, "Yay!!! I'm so glad to be back here..."