Tuesday, December 3, 2013

And she will fill her world with colour..

"Daughters are like flowers they fill the world with" .......

She had always wanted a daughter...they seemed special to her. Their eyes always pleading to love them. And all the time while she was studying, she would baby sit friends and aunts daughters. There was an inner peace.
She prayed she would have daughters when her belly grew with the life inside and the angry kicking.
She went to sleep knowing,those restless feet that pushed through her swollen belly belonged to a baby boy, who'd fill his mother's life with joy n absolute chaos. Twice she had hoped. But there were plans being made above..girls in her life would hug, kiss and implore. And then one day walk away into the arms of their man who would love them just as much.
But she was blessed.. She would have not one but two wonderful girls, walking into her life, in the arms of the boys she had borne. Them she would watch, while they cared and loved and brought that twinkle in her boys' eyes.
Yes. She had always wanted a daughter. And she will get one

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