Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Who said life is simple??

I think its time I convinced myself that I’m not needed everywhere and that what I have been doing has been ok…and that life gets by …no matter how hard I try…it’ll still remain the same.

If I have to look at life’s gifts to me…I’d consider my sons the best ones amongst them. They just make my life so simple….just a plain circus. Isn’t that simple enough…

Well consider this.

My older is a stickler for details and ….
His books are always so neat, I wonder if he even opens them to use it.

The younger :
I remember wrapping the books in brown regulation school sheets….clean, neat and light brown. 2 months down the academic year…I can’t see the brown…its just plain black and ..I insist he’s a dirty kid, but he insists he had nothing to do with it…

And they both go to the same school??!!!!

Older: Its been 3 years since I gave him pencils and erasers…each exam I ask him to take a new pencil and eraser, but his is still brand new. (He was a lil upset that his teacher had borrowed his eraser and taken off the plastic wrap around it…hmppfff so much for cleanliness..!!

Younger. I’ve raided Metro , the wholesale place…but I’m always running short of stationary…what does he do with them???? 3 erasers and all gone in one day?? Don’t even ask about his pencils…he’s sharpening them so often, I don’t think he even writes in them at times.

Storage better get better in days to come…
Older: His things are always in its own place. He’s a very outdoorsy kind of boy, but his stuff always gets back to the same place…and they are looked after too…sometimes to the point of my frustration…

Younger : He is an organizer too…his things just organize themselves into bad, sandy and broken. And trying to ape his elder brother , he borrows all my boxes from the kitchen…sometimes…even the expensive Tupperware ones…to keep his stuff. After a few days…I find all his things in one jumble in one huge bag…Where did all the boxes go?? Search me??!!!!

I’ve tried to maintain a little bit of tradition in my family. Love celebrating festivals and following customs. Its fun if one were to look at the brighter spot.

We lived our childhood celebrating Ganesh Chaturthi, Ramnavami, etc, community style…and they have taught me huge lessons in bonding and teamwork.

This Janmashtami, as is tradition, I made all the sweets( some I bought of course) and true to our custom, while offering naivedya ( offering to the Lord) I kept a small bit of buuter on the Lords’ idol. Bang on!! Came the first question…

Younger : Will Krishna eat it?

Older: So dumb!! As if he can..

Father : Of course, if you really pray hard for him to, maybe he will..with a wink .

Me: silence…

Next morning..the blob of butter as expected still remains in its original spot.

Younger…He didn’t eat?

Me : Maybe he was full with so many sweets..

Older: Hmpff…so dumb!!

Younger : ( after some thinking) How can he, Ma…he’s playing the flute, how can he eat and play at the same time …!!!

Time for me to change the idol I think…next time, I’ll look for one laidback Krishna maybe….eating butter ????

I am now convinced that whoever said that as they grow, their vocabulary increases, just don't pay attention. But I can show them its not how it is…it just gets down to simpler words, and then by the time they marry it gets to become monosyllables…and we still wonder why our husbands don’t answer with anything more than Haan!, yes! OK, maybe….?!!!!

But life is one big gift, like I said…and I’m sure a few years down the line when they are away from us…I’ll be grasping at these memories and all they would do is make me smile..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tomorrow is yet another day!!!

2 weeks of hectic madness…some made by me, some made for me…but I was in the center of it all, not able to organize my slightly crisp mind into thinking. Reasons were plenty. Most of them silly. And some, more like whining.
But most important was the sight of so many unpacked boxes, because the umpteen nagging issues in a new house, and added to it the presence of so many workers, most who assumed they were entering an empty house and not one already occupied. So for want of permission they would just walk in with either a paint brush in hand or a wrench more ghastly than the previous one to replace a leaking faucet…but I am enjoying it all actually…it reminds me that I have that much of time to think about action…all that is going on and have fun at my own expense…and then again to blog too….

But since the brain is still a bit on a mute mode…thought I’d handle a tag, so something which needs to be just answered and no thinking up a topic to write about…how’s that for brilliance…
So picked up this one, tagged by Sahana on Kal , Aaj aur Kal

The details of this one….Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.

Your oldest memory
What were you doing 10 years ago?

Your first thought today morning
If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

This year ….
What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

My oldest Memory..

I knew this one would get me…
Well, being a very helpful kid at 7-8 years, and having a terribly flexible body…I could go through rectangular grills the size of 6” x 9”. So each time a resident locked himself out of his flat , the door –opener would be called…ME!!! I would squeeze myself through those rectangles and walk in and open their doors, and of course be rewarded for this brave act with a handful of raisins…yes!! Raisins…and I would be all happy and smiling…
And now when I find my lil one climbing pipes up to the first floor and to the top of the balconies, I just say! “ history repeats itself!!”

But I do remember the time when I used to put pieces of paper torn from my grandfather’s old books, into the mailbox that would be fixed to his house compound., way before, soemtime 35 years ago I think…Don’t even dare ask me why I did that???

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago …well!! I was frantically running behind my son who was then 2 and a half years old and in his most terrible two’s . He was so restless, he never would sit in a place for long.. ( he never does that even now! L ) All that I remember from that time is his “ Amma beku” (I want momma) cry….for an hour, when I had left him at his play school gate…his tear filled eyes and his face wedged between the railing…still come back at times. I smile at those memories now…but then I was sure I was not fit to be a mother….and had to be reassured many times over by his favourite teacher then, that he would be ok…and he was…much to the point of telling me to come back after a few hours L so much for feeling sad! Hmpppffff…

Your first thought this morning

After returning from a very exhausting trip to Tirupathi… and just crashing out to having a very restful sleep, all I could think of this morning was “ Did I keep the milk coupons??? , I don’t have any energy to go out and buy milk!! “

If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

Contain?? Let me see…my whole world…huh!! So boring am I not???
Maybe I’ll think of it in peace and then decide…so until then ….patience and please wait!!

This year ….

Well this year gave me a lot of bumps...some good and some real bad. But i've picked myself up and tried to carry on...am trying to build a life centred around acceptance. Praying that things will go right .

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

14 years???? Are you crazy…I don’t know what I’ll be doing 14 seconds from now??? Absolutely no idea….considering I would have hit the half century button on my clock….I think I’ll stop the thinking bit for now and just enjoy every moment for now..

Well to tag a few….
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Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Misssing blogging :(

Like Sahana said...beta stage for some connections...my life seems to be there too...all on experiment mode.Thought once I shifted to my new home, life would be blissful, unpack, arrange, get on to blogging... yes!! I always dream BIG...and thats whats been happening...I'm right now, juggling between setting up a home and trying to put names of profession ( read! plumber, carpenter, homecare ) to the faces...
Its all so confusing that today while in the lift, one of the residents who happens to be moving in , in the coming week, stepped in, and another worker seeing him, said " Sir!! the cable tv is not coming properly""The cool dude, from the US freaked out....I was having my first bit of smile forming on my lips...What fun to watch confusions and the people involved in it...
One day i'm afraid I might just walk up to the next door neighbour and ask him if can come and fix the tap, cos its spurting out water from the shower instead of the wash basin..and all because he walked out from the maintenence office :(

PLease, please, be patient ...

I checked my Google Reader and find a huge list of unread posts., and it looks like a mela...and its going to take me a while going through all of them...and I am going to.
Until then...
don't forget I exist...