Monday, December 24, 2012

A kiss that cannot be forgotten!!!

Its not everyday you get to live a life that you've dreamt of.

Its not everyday, you have your past coming back to make you smile

Its not everyday you look back on the years gone by and realise a 'sigh' has escaped your lips, just because, you still wonder 'How it could have been?'

Yes..Its not everyday that all these thoughts go past your mind, and it leaves you searching, clinging to those few moments that have been made into memories. That's exactly what the protagonist in the story "The secret wish list" by Preethi Shenoy goes through.

A humble story, the lines which make you stop and ponder. Because i'm so sure, every woman however happy she is today, will always have that one fleeting thought, that goes ' Thats one thing I wish I had done before I got married'
The book does not justify any actions, morales or any kind of upbringing. Its clean, neat, crisp and just plain simple. For people who understand (which is not very difficult) the needs of the woman Diksha, they would also feel the pains of Vibha (her cousin), Tanu ( a school friend-every child would have had).

There is an ease with which Preethi has made Diksha's thoughts flow, that even for a person who houses conservative thoughts about life, will think twice before judging her.
There is a bit of Diksha in everyone's life, and there is always that little bit of longing in a girls heart. This is put through so beautifully, that you just want to know what happens next, and before you know it, you are nearly building up her life for her.

I loved reading her book, and of course, I do have a secret wish list too. But I just could not put this one down, because of course, I wanted to know what the two lines at the back of the book that says -

"Does true love really exist?
Can a kiss change your life? "

actually mean. And find out I did, and wow!! It was so worth buying this book. A fast paced and exciting story, one would not want to put down in a hurry.

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Pallavi Purani said...

I like reading her too. She gives me perspective :)

Aparna said...

Sounds interesting, I will try to get my hands on it! Thanks for the review.

Satish said...

Its not everyday that someone writes such a well written and insightful review too :)
Agree with what you have said Prats. However I feel its something that even guys can relate to (or at least what I related to).
Dunno how she does it but it seems like everyone's story right?

Prats said...

I agree. It could be anyone's story here and all her books have done that. And thank you

Jandy said...

Your last few lines sound more promising too ;)

Krishna Patel said...

your Review instigates me to read the book, the hunt is on ~ for the book !

Krishna Patel said...



there s a lot more in that book, it focuses on following your heart and drawing conclusions between what you want n what your parents want you to be