Saturday, July 21, 2007


I always identified with Calvin as a child (I suppose you could say I still do), and this strip pretty much sums up what being a kid like Calvin is like. What I feel like half the time. Wondering about whether parenting is the best option....???

Momma insanity!!

Unit tests over!!! U think it'd make a difference to anyone. Yes it does!!! to me!
Don't know whether i'm walking front or back or in or out??? Is it good night or all the best!!!

Well thats me....
Morning time 7.20AM

R's all ready to leave to school!! urgh....its a SATURDAY FOR CRISSAKE!!!! So....our dear school wants us to write tests on this wonderful sunny morning....and this one day when I want to snuggle under the quilt....tickling the feet of my lil one...mmmm....
trrrrrrrringgggggggg 5.00 AM my alarm goes into a way...but physics it is!!!

After all the scramble, an dthe mass, weight, micron, definitions.....I'm ready to leave...oh did I say I??? is R who's the one who's leaving, and only to school, and only for a 2 hrs....I quickly find my keys, my cell, my slippers....adn then say, ok R, good night!!! huh!!! The million dollar look on R's mom's sinking!!! not Blr NIMHANS for her, it should be far away...maybe Pune...maybe Agra ??!!Bangalore could just have another sequence..." ivathu oota naane thandu kodthini...( I shall bring you your lunch today!) I dont want to eat?? but who asks) bendekayi huli no athava, soppina huli na??? do you want bhindi sambhar or greens sambhar?do u want something else? P will be coming to c u!!! shall I send the blue ...NO NO...Not bangalore Nimhans...surely...Agra maybe, yes....( though I'm sure, train ticktes will be available even more easily after i'm admitted in there!!! ) well back to the morning!! now What I had meant to say..just a simple " all the best"!!!!

Now u know what these test do to us mom's. turn us insane..