Tuesday, January 29, 2008

There is nothing permanent except change!!

Change is the only constant in my life!!

It’s a very oft heard phrase….and somehow in this roller coaster ride of our lives, nothing seems more cheerful than change..but there are days when you just long for that one routine that you’d like to hold onto….

And when Hip Hop Grandmom tagged me to do this, I was left thinking so hard, knocked my mind off….always have, when I’m put through a drill of thinking…

It says here

It is important to be liked by others

I wonder if there is anyone out here, who doesn’t like a little bit of appreciation. I’m sure that’s a need. Children get into temper tantrums for some kind of attention and I think we all have that small child in us somewhere. But living your life just so that people like you is not what I want. I’d rather live my life, being happy, and bringing joy to others around me…what others think matters little to me

Obedience is a virtue

Oh yes!! This was something that was imbibed in us not through teaching but through seeing those around me. My parents never forced any kind of virtue on us….we respected them, and thus came around obedience. But this didn’t mean, we had to go about our lives without questioning them.. Now when I see a few kids being ordered to obey their elders, I wonder what they’re making their kids out to be. More like rebels. I feel if you respect others and their space, its more than enough. It’ll bring in the rest of rightness in you.

People are not malicious but they become so because of bad experiences or circumstances:

A small incident can make people react and say such things that we’ll never know where it came from. But there is nothing to say , when a perfectly well educated person, reacts to a situation in the most horrid manner….A very polite and educated person if needled long enough, can lose it too…

Education broadens our view and makes people more humane.

Education gives a lot of knowledge, yes. Experiences brings with it, just that : experience.
Sometimes the environment that a person lives in, can mould him into being what he is. Then, education can just go flying out of the window. My grandmother was not educated, but the generosity with which she lived her life, would put some of us to shame.

People who have no money troubles are happier.

Happiness is a state of mind. Money can come and go, if a person can maintain his balance, he’ll be happy and content. And the quantity differs with each person, circumstances and mental requirement. When we were younger and in school, our definition for happiness was far different from what the kids now believe it to be.
Money brings comforts yes! But if we find comfort in what we have, I’m sure we can be happier.

As people get older they get wiser

Reminds me of the kid in the movie “Cheeni Kum” Where she goes on about being happy sad, or sad sad. There are kids like that around me…and leaves me thinking how wise they can get, while some older people can act as if they got stuck in their childhood, and refuse to let the wheels go forward.

You can live on love and fresh air.

Love and fresh air, gives you a sense of peace and contentment around us. This can help one in working towards achieving goals, making money and also being happy. But you can’t always depend on just that…you need brains too to go on and make your living. After saying this, I wonder if my little son actually only requires love and fresh air to live, when he just wont eat, and he seems perfectly fine.

There is a celestial guardian angel looking after each one of us.

I have always believed in the presence of this angel above me…watching over me and always pushing me forward. My loved ones who watch over me from above have given me the feeling of security always. I don’t want to anything to change that belief of mine.

All living beings reincarnate.

Have never believed in this ever. I won’t say it is true or false. If someone believes in this, it is his own belief…so I stay out of it. I believe in what is in front of me, and what is within me. When people say, “He’s like this because of what karma he did in his past life, it has me flummoxed…”
Do good now and see its fruits now…that’s my belief.

Heaven and Hell are places you go to after death.

As Hip Hop Grandmom says, it’s right here on earth. It’s all in my mind. I can create hell within my own thoughts, and heaven is in front of me, as I see joy and peace around me….when I’m in bliss eating an icecream, watching my kids grow, and when someone comes up and says my kids are such wonderful kids I feel a bit of heaven right there…. Yep, Heaven and Hell are right here next to me, in me. Why should I worry about where I go after I die….I’ll worry about how I live right now

And finally

I always believed that parents could take sides with their children, but now that I’m a parent myself, I know better.

I believed in the power of love. Always believed that all families were like mine.

I always believed that only men watched porn tsk tsk…

As a kid I always believed my father was a superpower …he could do anything and everything, and I still believe that. I just need to hear his voice and everything is normal.

I always believed that a husband and wife never fought…I wont say anything more now….

Now breaking rules and traditions….I’d like to tag anyone who thinks this gives them something to think of and write about…


--xh-- said...

hm.. a serious meme. but a very beautiful one :) gave me lot of things to think and ponder on. when my mids is more calm and i may do this.. not now - now i am in no mood to do anything serious :)

Ps said...

Does this meme mean that you have to think about what is said--and then lay down your thoughts?
I agree with you so much about education NOT making a difference in manners.I also agree with you so much about heaven and hell on earth--in fact i'd go a step further and say its all in our minds!

Prats said...

@xh Thank you, and yeah it was so something to think about. Do it in your own time....you'll have fun and i'd love to know what you think.

@PS No rules...but I had to think, or else i'd have started a warfare within my own mind... :(
And you're so right....its all in our minds..

Rambler said...

"I believed in the power of love. Always believed that all families were like mine."

I still continue to believe this

Regarding your take on education.
It reminds me of the subhashita

Vidya dadati vinayam,
vinaya dadati paatrataam,
paatratva dhanamaapnoti,
dhanat dharmam tatatsukham.

The problem is people mistake the word with literacy, your grandmother was may be illetrate but for sure educated..

Hip Grandma said...

Neatly done and almost matches mine.
"I always believed that a husband and wife never fought…I wont say anything more now…."

I did too - till I got married.And who do you think encouraged me to revolt against male chauvanism?Not my mother but my MIL who believed in the proverb 'the hand that rocks the cradle rules the world'.My mother was shocked at the ideas she put into my head.She was so submissive that a slightly raised voice even in jest would upset her. Like you I won't say anything else!

Prats said...

@rambler Like this shubhashita. Yes I meant it to be literate, here and she was so highly knowledgeable..

@HHG thank you. You're MIL sounds like one wonderful person. You are lucky.

--xh-- said...

Done with teh tag. stop over to read it :)

Tys on Ice said...

u mean to say women watch porn?...iam sorry, but thts the first word that caught my eyes..i need to get out more often..

lovely post...i dont think theres a standard to becoming wiser as one grows older...i hve seen some aging and reverting to a child stage of pettiness and self centerednes...

iam with u on the reincarnation part...energy may survive but u as u know it, with its memories, experiences and follies will die. So reincarnation need not be looked upon as hope of continuity even if it exist.

Guruprasad said...

you know, even these ideas might change with time? thats the amazing thing!

yes, we all want to be independent, happy, and giving. (and i think at least having these values is far better than not having them, even if we can't live up to them), but we are nowhere close to this if we look ourselves up honestly!

people maybe malicious because of their pasts. but the label of 'good' and 'bad' is our very own interpretation.

we think that people with no money troubles are happier. but if we are given a choice to be rich and unhappy vs. being poor and unhappy we would choose the former because we strongly believe that money can buy us happiness. (even if we have been proven wrong innumerable times!)

Keshi said...

Greta post!

yes, I believe Heaven n Earth r both right here...in this life.


Thinking aloud said...

i like the line about change...we need change to constantly reinvent ourselves...

i so agree with you on these...

....Its a BONUS if you are liked by others but If u manage to like yourself at the end of the day, then that's what i would aim at too...

....obedience is often mistaken with control...therin lies teh trouble...

I loved this post, prats....i would have wanted to write so much more,...but at the risk of creating a mini post here :P

I so am in sync with your last 5 points...

Prats said...

@xh Read and commented...your take was interesting

@tys...you don't need to go anywhere...what do u think??? Thank you, and yes, pettiness and selfishness can show up even in older people....

why don't you try this tag...it'll be fun to see ur take

@guruprasad So true. There is no guarantee that these thoughts will remain ...but of course some will , cos they are embedded in us.through years of living through these ideologies.
And yes any one would want to choose riches in comparison to poverty, but being rich doesn't necessarily mean happiness..

@keshi Thanks, and I'm sure you'll understand that much better. Its all in our minds

@TA :) Actually liking oneself at the end of the day is far more harder than beign liked by others. ..soemtimes people put on a face just to beliked, so we'll never know the truth. Its ourselves that we have to be worried of.
And write you can....make a post of it by taking up the meme... :)

Thinking aloud said...

exactly...that's why you have to aim at being lied by yourself, who else but u would know your benchmarks..? that is why it is so hard!

and writing this...well...my mind is still trying to catch up with the rest of me...or is it the other way round ;)

Thinking aloud said...

hey..i have something special for you...hop over!!!

Steve said...

Simply beautiful!

Anonymous said...

Nicely done :)

No no.. husbands and wifies do not in thousand years fight :)

Anonymous said...

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