Sunday, May 13, 2012

You are you and so I was born!!

As a newborn, I waited to hear you cry. Strange as it may seem, i'm sure any mom would agree. The sight of a lil baby scrunching his cute face, pursing his lips in preparation to let out a painful howl.Yes! Thats adorable. Not to forget, we moms hurt hearing the cry later. There are many who wait for that moment and click pictures for memories. Lesson learnt: The angle with which you hold your lips tells us how you feel? Many years later it still is the same.

At 1: When the whole world tells me that you are going to be a handful, I wonder what they mean. All I see is that lil podgy fingers, gingerly picking that pesky ant of the corner a second before it finds the mouth. You're too quick for us..our reflexes are still to speed up. Not to forget the endless nights we hurt seeing you upset your system with all this picky actions. But you made us learn. Lesson learnt :You were curious and i'm glad you didnt give helps you as you grow. Only years later, your curiosity is not limited to those pesky ants, but many others.

At 2: You spoke a dime a dozen. To hear that one squeak, we tried silly antics. Yes, we made ourselves look like fools, just for that one word from you. NO! Was genetically embedded..and we thought it was easiest to utter, but years later..NO!!!!is the new mantra.

At 4: While you wore your new uniform all set to start your new life as a student, it hurt. Hurt to see those tears in your eyes. I had lots of fears for your life in school. I worried for your presence there. Years later: Those PTA's I would rather avoid. Oh yes! some are so sweet, I love you for those moments I feel proud. Lesson learnt : School is one journey everyone needs to take, just so you will know there is good and bad out there and that the whole life doesnt rest on laurels alone, but those lil pranks you played while at school too.

At 10: You celebrated the last of your birthdays at home, complete with cake, confetti and noisy games. You were grown up you said. Next year, i'll take my friends out somewhere. This 'somewhere' has now slowly metamorphosised into strange requests. But that one laugh from the otherwise quiet lil boy, makes me 'GIVE' you all. Lesson learnt : This is just a small partytime with friends, where 'my mom will pick me up', years later, i'm waiting at the door at all odd hours, just so you'll drag your branded and classy shoe'd feet in, and walk straight into your room, while I hope you'll tell me how you spent your perfect day.

At 13 : You are now a teen..grown up and tall. But you are still my baby. You still look for me when i'm not around. You talk more to your friends than to me. I'm happy you've got such wonderful friends, but somewhere I want you all by me. Lesson learnt : This is just a phase I know. You will always be my baby..and I will need you more than you will.

At 15 : A benchmark year. You need time to make decisions. You need to think. You are confused. You are lost. Your friends are now 'Everything'. What they say, holds. But dear Son...They grow up too..and one day we will too. You need to do what makes you feel good. Remember I am your MOM..if you do well, i'm going to be MOST proud. Lesson learnt: Let them learn to take decisions, but be there for them. You hurt, I hurt, but within that hides a mom proud of what her child becomes and always wishes for you to be content and happy.

Children make mothers. Without you'll we are nothing. So thank you boys for making me what I am. Twisted and silly, weird and smart, lovable and angry. All that we are is because you have been there.
For all mothers out there. Be there, each moment is precious. Be it good or bad. Its the whole journey.
Happy Mother's Day to all the lovely MOMS.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Dreaming on and the lyrics of a song

And then she surfaced
out of the quagmire of her realms
Reaching out for those dreams
Them that she always thought deemed

Choking on the rays
Those that promised light
The sunshine on those beams
Fading away with it clean

Should she speak forth
Those thoughts left buried
Those that were clambering
To reach the top and failing

Once pushed aside
Like a burr in the wool
Hiding beneath those goals
Shining remembering its role

Stronger and stronger
They struggle to stay
Within their power
To never fade and go away

The light they see
At the end of the tunnel
But all they find
Is the candle flickering
In the hands of the one
Raised to douse it for ever