Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prescription doses!!

We're conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments.
But great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.

A hug, a loving glance, a simple thank you.

The holding of hands, the fleeting kiss.

The child's unfailing trust in the mother,

A parent's never ending need to see their child smile.
So many simple moments that bring on that smile.

A misunderstanding between friends, ones who never knew ,the need for permissions. Ones, who always were there for each other. Times when reality blended into memories, loved and cherished.

A misunderstanding breaks it apart.....stretches the distance, and life goes on...leaving behind many more hurt souls...their friends and loved ones....caught in the web of uncertainty. Pulled between two people they will always love, and have never wanted to see them grow apart.

Time heals they say...but what is the recommended dose, no one mentioned??

wish they did...

Reminds me of this story :
"Let's say you accidentally chop off your finger while preparing dinner. If you get to the doctor in time, the finger can be re-attached and there is a high chance you can regain most of the finger's functionality, albeit with a little scarring. However, if you leave it and take your time to get to the hospital, the finger becomes permanently severed and the damage thus becomes permanent."

'cos such are the great moments, which will be cherished, beautifully wrapped...when one of the friends is willing to stretch out their hand...its truly a loved moment.

Have you had a such a moment??

Friday, November 14, 2008

Smile and the world smiles with you!! :)

For all the children, whose minds are so pure, thoughts are so fresh...
For all the mother's whose brains get refreshed
every second, thanks to the lovely children

For all the grandparents whose childhood
springs to life, at the very sight
of the children flitting across like butterflies!

For the influences, that scatter across the world,
the media, the cartoons,
the much misunderstood computer games
The never cease to amaze, playstations, gameboys...

They make my child smile, they make my child run
I thank the influences, without which
i'd have no stories to spin

Every evening while I wait
for that moment, when the van gets into the gate
I search amidst dirty faces, and browned hands

The most wonderful sight
The sight of that one lovely smile
The grin that tells me to forget
the bad that went by and look forward
to the most amazing of all creation

This i'd like to say and wish

HaPPy ChILbrEN'S D a Y!!!

save that child in you...its far more precious!!
And just to bring back some childhood memories, and for all those who might not have seen this
Must watch

Ek Chidiya - Awesome Cartoon Video - More free videos are here

Tuesday, November 11, 2008

First or the second course??

Times when you scream but no voice comes out....that happens only in my dreams....

In my house my voice always comes out , loud and clear, crystal clear. Of course after a few lines it whimpers down to a croak...and all my rantings get reduced to a sad whimper. Thats what happens when you are surrounded by 2 brats and one who has a mind which runs off to the Himalayas and the other who behaves like one in the deep blue sea...

I'm still trying to decide whether its better to choose the devil or the deep blue sea....
And when the block in the brain hits you, I sit back and enjoy my chai....
and rant...

I've had a hectic post- Diwali week.
First it was a wedding in the the last day, my older one was screeching and hiding under the table..." No more yele( meals on banana leaves) , Can you please give me something to eat before I go" . The younger one...( apparently assumes he was born with a not the silver spoon thingy...but the real one...)Each time they laid out the leaf, he would go " I'm not eating that with my hand"...and I would be rolling my eyes, and clinging on to the Kanjeevaram, for fear of the payasam dripping out of the fingers on to the silk....and all the while the guys who served food, would hover over me...assuming my sons were underfed by the overenthu mother...

How I wish, we had a bring your own lunch for weddings...(it would solve all harassed mother's problems with feeding their cranky children)

I realised what a farce the whole scene of the wedding crowd was. All the while the harassed groom and bride would bend stretch and seek blessings...the opposite end the priest would be trying over the loud din and noise of the gossipy guests.
The wedding gave me a good time for retrospection..
The various rituals they organise, are so over board, sometimes I wonder if people even know the meaning.
There is this part where after the mangalsutra is tied, the elderly guests are given a handful of rice, to be showered ( mind you....shower, meaning...gently with good wishes) on the newly wed couple. But what do I see....

at the precise moment when the ceremony is conducted..there is a loud " nadaswara, nadaswaraaaa..." with some hand signalling too...the Nadaswaram peaks to high volume..the guests...most of them, chatting away happily " Nenne, namma pakadh maneli, ondhu dodDa vishya aiythu gotha??" (Yesterday, in our neighbouring house, one big event happened, you know?)...and all the while they just throw the rice grains over the persons ahead..showering the crowd...whats the point...

One factor's discussing the varities of food offered while the other is discussing the arrangements. But how I wished, they would sincerely wish the couple and their family.

There was so much wastage in the dining hall, it made my heart bleed. What does one lose to refuse a dish, if he cannot eat it. Stretch out that hand and refuse...shake your head, and say " No" but for heaven's sake don't waste food.
When you walk out and see the street children scavenging through the garbage from the kitchen,i'd rather that they gave some food, fresh and full.
Would you like to eat such food....think of them too. They are human after all.

I asked my son to just take what he wanted and could even if it meant one dish, it was ok by me. At least he was happy, he didn't waste precious morsels of food and there was no arguments of " Finish the whole thing and then get up". It would just end in arguments and sulking kids.
For a person who eats at weddings, i'm sure you know the agony one feels after the first few courses...
So go on eat, but please think of the leftover food that the young kids on the street eat straight out of the used leaves, from the dustbin...
Please. Give a thought to them.