Sunday, October 25, 2009

Just the simple feeling of being!!

Turning the very hyped 4 'O' recently, made me all excited...not for what the future held in store for me....nah!! I'm not such a bore...I loved the age factor, 'cos from now I could always find the scapegoat in my age :D
I could always turn around and say " I guess age is catching up, and thats why I keep forgetting " ignoring the fact that i've become so forgetful, because of factors other than age :(
But I am so glad that age has caught up and made me more appreciative ...I love my life as it is. I wouldnt want to change a single minute of my day. I like it as it is!! I like the uncertainity with which I face the day, not knowing whether my kids will eat the lunch packed for them...I like the excuses they make for each uneaten lunch. They are masters at creative thinking. How many of us can even think of such adorable reasons for faced, sometimes, guilt for making me feel bad...but most times, nothingness..I wouldnt want to change any of that...I know that when they grow older, they'll wipe out kitchen stocks before I can say 'EAT'!!
I like the fact that inspite of my age I can still multi task. Ignoring the sugar that went into the coffeemaker by mistake, and the tea leaves into the sambhar..ignore that would you..

I still love the energy I can conjure up at the sight of a child. Many ,makes my world more brighter.
My younger one turned 9 a couple of days back, and he brought with it a new meaning to friends and parties. I organised a small party for his friends of the complex. A very easy task it should have been for me who has organised birthdays for both kids over the last 13 years..It surely should have been easy. But this time it was different. I knew very few kids , because people have been moving in frequently and all I know are the faces but no names, and sometimes some names which doesnt have a face ...So I entrusted the task of making a list to my son himself...a very responsible task for very meticulously he listed down the names ( i'd like to think that gene was passed down from me, i'm positive) I invited most of them and then set off to do my shopping, assuming it was all final..motherly instincts set in and told me to just buy those extra set of gifts ...and buy I did.
The party was to begin and the first set of kids walked in all dressed smartly...with all sweetness I bent down to ask them their names...the names they rattled off, sent my eyebrows into a knot...those names seemed new...I waited to speak to my son and find out if there were many like them...but I just let it be, I would deal with it later...When I sopke to him in the few seconds I caught up with him during the mad party, he just shrugged his shoulders so nonchalently " Yep I invited them while I was going for my karate classes" , so cute...i'm so glad he didnt choose to leave them behind, The party was so much fun...the excitement of the kids, the mess they
make, the smile they have when they are allowed all those liberties...I simply love the innocence with which they have fun...pure ,simple, and uncomplicated. All that they want is " their return gift" I wonder why we as adults can't seem to just enjoy things in such a simple way. NO fuss, just go out and have fun.
Smile and accept each day as it comes :)