Thursday, May 30, 2013

The disaster of this moment is tomorrow's blessing :)

“You can't spend the rest of your life tiptoeing around to try and avert disaster. It won't work. You'll just end up missing the life you have.”
Kim Edwards,   

And I agree.

As a young girl, studying in college, living a life filled with dreams..I can imagine what life could have been, had I prepared myself for the worst. It won't happen, ever.
How much can one prepare for the future? It is a tough task.

We can dream..we can try to realise those dreams. But if we start living the day thinking of all the failures that can happen with those dreams, we can never achive anything. We lose the present moment, the joy of visualising what we want, the smiles and twinkle in the eyes. We worry ourselves silly with thoughts that are negative and then drive ourselves to despair and disapoointment.

Don't ever let your negative thoughts, turn your dreams into a disaster ever. Give them wings and let them fly. Reach for the will never know what you might find on the way. If not the stars, rest assured the journey to reach them, itself is made lovely.

So dream on, and turn every moment into one happy one..

This is my post for day 4- Disaster. as part of our blogger prompt week, for Marathon Bloggers


Nimue said...

Good one :)
I liked the positive approach here !

Obsessivemom said...

You're so right. We often miss out on the present worrying about things that might not even happen. What a waste.

SohNi said...

well said Prats!

SohNi said...

Well said Prats!