Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Tomorrow is yet another day!!!

2 weeks of hectic madness…some made by me, some made for me…but I was in the center of it all, not able to organize my slightly crisp mind into thinking. Reasons were plenty. Most of them silly. And some, more like whining.
But most important was the sight of so many unpacked boxes, because the umpteen nagging issues in a new house, and added to it the presence of so many workers, most who assumed they were entering an empty house and not one already occupied. So for want of permission they would just walk in with either a paint brush in hand or a wrench more ghastly than the previous one to replace a leaking faucet…but I am enjoying it all actually…it reminds me that I have that much of time to think about action…all that is going on and have fun at my own expense…and then again to blog too….

But since the brain is still a bit on a mute mode…thought I’d handle a tag, so something which needs to be just answered and no thinking up a topic to write about…how’s that for brilliance…
So picked up this one, tagged by Sahana on Kal , Aaj aur Kal

The details of this one….Two questions in each category answer them and then tag your friends from the blog-o-sphere. (Simple enough right) Leave a comment on their blog letting them know they have been tagged and you are all set.

Your oldest memory
What were you doing 10 years ago?

Your first thought today morning
If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

This year ….
What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

My oldest Memory..

I knew this one would get me…
Well, being a very helpful kid at 7-8 years, and having a terribly flexible body…I could go through rectangular grills the size of 6” x 9”. So each time a resident locked himself out of his flat , the door –opener would be called…ME!!! I would squeeze myself through those rectangles and walk in and open their doors, and of course be rewarded for this brave act with a handful of raisins…yes!! Raisins…and I would be all happy and smiling…
And now when I find my lil one climbing pipes up to the first floor and to the top of the balconies, I just say! “ history repeats itself!!”

But I do remember the time when I used to put pieces of paper torn from my grandfather’s old books, into the mailbox that would be fixed to his house compound., way before, soemtime 35 years ago I think…Don’t even dare ask me why I did that???

What were you doing 10 years ago?

10 years ago …well!! I was frantically running behind my son who was then 2 and a half years old and in his most terrible two’s . He was so restless, he never would sit in a place for long.. ( he never does that even now! L ) All that I remember from that time is his “ Amma beku” (I want momma) cry….for an hour, when I had left him at his play school gate…his tear filled eyes and his face wedged between the railing…still come back at times. I smile at those memories now…but then I was sure I was not fit to be a mother….and had to be reassured many times over by his favourite teacher then, that he would be ok…and he was…much to the point of telling me to come back after a few hours L so much for feeling sad! Hmpppffff…

Your first thought this morning

After returning from a very exhausting trip to Tirupathi… and just crashing out to having a very restful sleep, all I could think of this morning was “ Did I keep the milk coupons??? , I don’t have any energy to go out and buy milk!! “

If you built a time capsule today what would it contain?

Contain?? Let me see…my whole world…huh!! So boring am I not???
Maybe I’ll think of it in peace and then decide…so until then ….patience and please wait!!

This year ….

Well this year gave me a lot of bumps...some good and some real bad. But i've picked myself up and tried to carry trying to build a life centred around acceptance. Praying that things will go right .

What do you see yourself doing 14 years from now?

14 years???? Are you crazy…I don’t know what I’ll be doing 14 seconds from now??? Absolutely no idea….considering I would have hit the half century button on my clock….I think I’ll stop the thinking bit for now and just enjoy every moment for now..

Well to tag a few….
Preethi from Just a mother of two

Suma from Aaalochane

Madhumita from One true thing

Veens…from Rum’blinks’


rayshma said...

i love this tag!
and ur answers... :)

Ps said...

loved your earliest memory and your son crying when u left him at play school.(sounds so familiar!)
will do this tag..

Ps said...

Loved your earlies memory :)
Could relate so well to your son crying at the playschool when you left him there.
will do this tag.
Glad you are settling in.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Very nicely brought out memories and very beauifully expressed words on future..One doesnt know what it would be 15 secs from words..nice ma

Joy said...

you could squeeze through those bars!!! you must have been really slim and flexible! Hope you are enjoying your new place...

--xh-- said...

lovely memories... i think u might still b able to squeeze through narrow spaces :)

brocasarea said...

“ history repeats itself!!”

liked that amma beku thing..:)

Prats said...

@rayshma was fun doing it

@ps Those memories are precious aren't they...Thanks for taking up the tag

@CU thank you...yes!! Being honest, I just don't like thinking too much into the future, rather i'd like to live the present well

Prats said...

@joy thanks, yes! more than enjoying i'm trying to soak in the feeling of it beign my own for now..

@xh. hehe...No way....age has caught up giving me a few frights, and swueezing way...i'm scared i'll choke myself now...hehehhe the beku...has been replaced with silent protests half the time :(

Suma said...

i loved the image the first memory conjured up ;)

and i too remember S bawling away at playschool and me trying hard not to let him see me cry...

so have R&A settled down in teh new place?

Sumana said...

Hey prats, Ahh that "Amma beku" keeps ringing in my ears and my mornings start with those. These will stay on as good memories.

Preethi said...

Climbing up balconies? wow .. what fun... good to see you are back :)

Veens said...

suddenly i was all so aww!! at the history repeatin and the son crying!

and then...w ell ... it is such a NICE TAG

and thanks for tagging me :D

i will do it!!

u went to!! ok then take rest....God Bless!

keithsramblings said...

I liked that! What a great idea for a tag and you answered yours so well.

brocasarea said...

@ prats..cant help people do change[including myself]!!

Keshi said...

wow nicely done!

I used to think AHEAD, but now I've become a gypsy of a DAY and Im happier than before. :)



ceedy said...

Nicely done tag...

dear blogger did not give my the update on this....

I so agree with that 14 year thingy...check my answers - I just did that tag too

Prats said...

@suma...Yes they are slowly settling into their new space...thanks

@sumana oh yes!!! and when they dont say them, we are really sad, aren't we????

@preethi...oh yes...and many more....thankfully i dont have to watch all of them....i can feign ignorance when someone has a heart attack on seeing him :D

@veens....woosh...that was a lot of lines being said...heheh...yes i'm rested and back to this space now....thanks

@keith Thanks a lot..wonder if you could do this'll be fun doing it..try it.
I'll be coming over to ur blog to catch up on all my back logs

Prats said... long as the change is for the better....its good..

@keshi...Its better that way isn't time to regret nor live on the past...just time to live and have a few smiles

Prats said...

@ceedy....this was an intersting tag...and loved doing it....I did read yours and left a comment too....remember Sita?????

ceedy said...

Sorry....yes...have been away from my blog for almost a week....yes yes..

SEET(H)A(T) comment.....

Zanychild said...

Nice tag
And "History repeats itself" was LOL
And memories of ur Kid, i know all mothers will embarrass thero kids wen they grow up *wink* including my mother!
well she used to tease me saying i was always eating like a squirrel in school in tiny nibbles, tht my KG teacher used to lose her patience!