Friday, June 8, 2007

The day I wrote it!

Don't know what there is, to writing down your innermost thoughts, something which will never be out in the open, ....your mind refuses to think aloud, but when it comes down to words, it just flows, flows like there is a dam which could stop the flow.

I never knew that one day would arrive and bring with it the need to get some connections down on to the space. A connection between emotions, relations ..and most of all, a connection that needs to be tightened.

I've decided, that if you don't get to pour these into ears, its better u pour into the screen, the piece of paper, a medium which will give u the much needed relief. ....and contentment

Now, it shall stay as I wind back to what I loved most,...
Till next time


J said...

First posts are always fun to read.. you've come a long way now prats :P

Prats said...

@j Thank you, it is surely one long journey....and its been so fulfilling