Thursday, September 27, 2007


Malleswaram Brigade!!
Early morning ! All set to walk down those age old roads...trying to find shade under those poetic sampige trees...though most of them have had to face those watery cats and dogs...each time it rains, there is at least one poor soul ( the tree) which meets its end...and "sigh" and sometimes a hapless guys end too... :(
But what amazes me through all these leaves and branches, their aged whirls in the tough trunks...we find one enthusiastic lot of geriatric clan clambering , sometimes nearly swaddling about these roads. What pulls my attention to them is :
Their fresh white( very rarely darker colors) walking shoes(sneakers they call it) times it could even be a tennis pair, but yet it does walk. A few years ago, the maamis might have been clad in soft kanjivarams, madisars ( the traditional 9 yard) or maybe the regular chettinad cottons..but the scene is now - post " son migrating to far away shores" the Amrica.
So it has to be the salwar kameez, and if minds permit, a tracksuit cut short ....the regular 'bobcut'...the salt and peppered hair trying its best to defy gravity, but failing miserably...
The maama, with his new bermuda...with potbelly and veshti shy knees...and tip top t-shirt.....both ambling down the roads, navigating through potholes,the size that even the moon's craters wll have to take lessons from , potlines, cos it finally has to be one unfriendly set of guys digging up the roads, to lay yet another set of cables to give us yet another luxury...all dug up stretching into half the road...they do gingerly walk through this so called road, blissfully listening to their Subbulakshmis or Santhanam crooning into their wrinkly ears, through the latest i-pod, which is another one of those
" Mom, look what I got for you'll" heavy accented of course!!!
All this because they still love their amrica paiyya???

disclaimer : no offence meant to any soul or sneakers going past my blog!!


Ziah said...
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Ziah said...

By the way, Amrika return mama-mamis are too cool hah. They have all the purrfect lingo you see ma? Do share an aisle seat with them on a flight and you'll find a sequel to your blog.. :)

Prats said...

U bet, they sure have...somehow they seem to know more about those dainty quaint towns and details out there, than their very own friendly neighbourhood milkman :(
I'm sticking to smiling at them from the aisles for me.. :D