Tuesday, October 2, 2007


Scene 1:

School play:

Theme : The fight for Indian Independence

Cast : A whole lot of 7th grade girls

Brilliantly directed mega production. Lovely songs, great actors (ahem, ahem ) and a whole lot of influences

This day will always remain etched in her mind.

Reason : An opinion about Gandhiji, was formed in the mind of a very young innocent girl.

The girl who played the role of Gandhiji. Full costume , complete with the bald head ( a wig! but still ) and charkha..long pages of drawling nasal speeches....yes it did leave a biased opinion.

She hated Gandhi after this play was over.

And not because of who he was, or what he spoke or what he did...not because of the long speeches she had to remember, or the unusually awkward position she had to sit , turning the charkha. Not even the baldness or the costume .....

But only because she had to miss going out on an outdoor scouts and guide's camp...and many of her best friends were going. She had to stay back to practice....and the teachers had promised to send her for the next one, but it didnt cheer her up

Looking back, I wonder how small things can influence a whole gamut of emotions in one's life...life defining decisions and even more so ,simple reasons for wholesome disappoinments...
And coming to think of it.....GANDHIJI had nothing to do with this :)


Ziah said...

Awww! You sweet little ignoramus gandhi hater!! Did they make lage raho munnabhai for you?? :)

Thanks for pushing me on my blog bit. Posted. Hope you like it!! :)

Prats said...

I pray to god! they really did :)
and yeah, how silly I was :)

Ziah said...

Prats! I saw that rajkumar song... babe! I'm scarred for life!!:)

Keshi said...

aww such a sweet story! brought smiles to my face :) ty!


Prats said...

@ziah : hehehe..not to worry, shall set things right soon :)

@keshi: lost more laughter to be spread around...thanks for stopping by...look in u'll find a few more to cheer