Monday, October 8, 2007

Sounds of silence

Silence !!

How many years of our childhood lives have we heard school, from our moms, friends perhaps...and quite a few times on the court....not to be missed " Silence please , thank you" on our Wimbledon courts..

There have been so many ways to express it....sumne iru, being a very kannadiga way of saying it...Vaaya moodu, from the lands of tamilians, arre yaar chup karna...from our northy brethren...shut up, keep quiet, silence, stop many expressions all for the need of just a simple deed!! Quite daunting a task, if you think of it. Don't you?

But this very silence...brings forth so many emotions, so many unexpressed feelings, and so many unborn sensations.

All the time that a need to be alone within yourself, you seek silence, there is always a greater need to understand that serenity around understand the enclosure of peace from within you.

It can be deafening at times, this silence...the echoing of senses that you would rather leave behind, or sometimes the reflection of joyous thoughts that keep playing back and forth within your world of quiescence.

And in the midst of this hush, you witness the answer to your contemplation, and then you begin to understand that
"silence was more eloquent than a thousand words spoken"
It is said that,
"meditative silence is more than the mere absence of speaking, rather silence is the absence of thinking. Meditation occurs when the mind is in a state of balance, when thoughts subside from bombarding the mind."

Can we ever stop thinking??

And then Simon & Garfunkel come back to break the sounds of silence :) ....


Thinking Aloud said...

Thinking is what I can never stop...In fact I happen to think that it is the most personal thing i own... I don't know if you know the feeling...but there are times when so many thoughts run thru my mind, that I actually feel the stress of thinking!!!!and if someone were to ask me what I was thinking, where do i start??

That's why medidation is a challenge for me...i'd probably be thinking "am i meditating!!"

Keshi said...

to me Silence is when the highest number of thoughts chatter in my mind.


Prats said...

@thinking aloud : Can understand those stress gonna pop with high stress due to thinking i'm sure :)

aaww...those chatter thoughts can be addictive

Bla said...


Ziah said...

I went to meditation class... I got so stressed chasing silence, my teacher got worried!! :)

But that apart, silence is really a good thing. Makes you absorb and understand, and makes u not say stuff that you may feel sorry about later... :)

Spun another yarn, my chapter 2 as per your command... will help me shut up today:)

Prats said...

@bla :)welcome here

@ziah ...oh those meditation classes...thats another epic altogether I think..not for me, I suppose, too many things to say only when silent :)
will go on and read the next chap now....

Anonymous said...

Beautiful thoughts...

Not thinking about anything is a tough ask... but I have learnt that being stable and not letting those trains of thought affect you is doable with practice :)

You can not stop inner feelings to surface up, but you surely can smile at them :)

"Being a spiritual person does not mean with out any problems. I do, but when my ship rocks, the challenge for me is to remain calm and make sure everyone around me is safe and happy!" - I heard this from someone recently and that changed a whole lot of things for me. Thought I did share this little piece....

And once again - a well written article :)

Prats said...

@anon Thanks for stopping by. And its nice to know that your heading in the right direction...keeping people safe and happy :)