Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Cherishing moments!!

4 years!!! and we had been dreaming of being together,
the dreams of building our lives, our hopes that could entwine.
The days of making up excuses to meet, those simple gestures that we would cherish.
Those stolen glances, that we could decifer,Whatever they conveyed
Those calls made late into the night...We wanted to be together..

The parents gave their approval, the friends made their plans
to take their days off from work
The preparations began, in full earnest...invites printed, some posted, some personally invited
The appointments were made for the beautifying rituals
Each time , it made us smile
We were that much closer into realising those precious dreams..

Packing up...stuffing all the childhood into those few cases..
nothing could take in all those moments
Those moments that made up the walls
Those minutes that tore down the posters, each one trying to compete with the next hero
The little notes tucked into the drawers of memory
Each memory brought me a smile albeit a slightly sadder one this time

Closed the case down on those cherished moments in that room
Hoping that no one would turn it down into something else after!
Did I have a right?? Yes I thought, but the mind said No!!
You'll make your own space in your new home
Give this for the next one to love
Leave behind, love and hugs...

Smiled through the tears and waited for the moment
The moment when I would be another
A title added, but the same person inside nevertheless
A wife to one, a sister to another
A daughter yet again, I'll have to start all over
Make my beginnings and learn to love
Isn't this what we waited for!

We smiled as we sat through the rituals
Every word absorbed...each guest acknowledged
Each minute awaited!
And then the moment arrived!!

I sat on the lap of my maker!
He holds my hand and gives it away
to the one he prays will love and cherish forever and ever
His daughter he has always held dear:

I can see smiles all around me...but its so blurred the faces merge into another
I know my father is holding back tears
While his daughter steps across the threshhold of yet another...
And then I know...I can't let go!!
I want all of it!!! this and that, today and ever.

I smile through streaming tears
4 years I waited...
and NOW is what WE wanted!!
The moment had come and brought smiles for each other!

In response to the prompt at Writer's Island, bringing back memories...and smiles those precious moments as I celebrate my 13 th year with my loved one..


Marja said...

What wonderful cherished moments. I love how you say "I sat on the lap of my maker"

Rambler said...

I'll have to start all over
Make my beginnings and learn to love
Isn't this what we waited for!

This can be so exciting as well as scary at the same time.. indeed a moment to cherish :)

Prats said...

@marja I think the whole thing about marriage itself is cherished...thank you

@rambler It sure is scary and exciting and so looked forward to....

gautami tripathy said...

One important aspect of life captured so well here...

unconnected moments

paisley said...

what a beautiful memory... i am engaged by the tradition your culture wraps around marriage,, it somehow sounds much more beautiful as described in these terms....

J said...

13 years.. and yet it seems like y'day.


Cheers to that.

Madhumita. said...

Hey, have tagged you. Hope thats alright! :-)

Rose Dewy Knickers said...

Congrats on thirteen blessed years. A wonderful series of moments you have shared.



the stygian sailor said...


Preethi said...

I loved the paragraphs starting with ...
I sat on the lap of my maker!...
I can see smiles all around me....
I could so relate to it!!

Prats said...

@gautami Thank you...

@paisley Yes it is, so beautiful , so meanigful and so vibrant. Thats our traditions..and it keeps our memories alive . Thank you

@j oh yes! It seems like yesterday and I can remember every moment...and each year has been like dat

@madhumita just went through your post, and ity was so nice to read what you've wanted....will take it up as soon as the exam week gets done

@rose dewy Thank you so much....each wish is like a blessing for us

@stygian thank you so much

@preethi Its those moments that I can't forget....its so ingrained in my memory...that I wanted it to be shared...thank you

tumblewords said...

Congratulations! Thirteen years and still the memory is so vivid for you. Lovely work!

UL said...

Congratulations Prats...you replayed the moment as if it happened yesterday, which only means that the past thirteen years has been blessed...here's to a lifetime of more such momentuous moments...thank you.


Mary Timme said...

This was beautiful and lovely in every way!

Keshi said...

Happy 4th Darl!


Prats said...

@tumblewords Yes it is....each and every moment...thank you

@ul It has been blessed UL and I have to thank my family for that, for keeping it alive...thank you

@marytimme thank you

@keshi thanks you sweets, and i'm in the 13th year and still having a rocking time...

Keshi said...

u mean 13yrs of marriage? WOW!


Prats said...

@keshi ...yes...13th year itch in the offing!! lol, just joking....
loved your last post....beautiful

Jeques said...

You told the story of that special moment in your life very well - so sweet and personal I know it all came from the over flowing joy in your heart. I read and I watch all that happened unfolding and its like I was there in the occasion witnessing everything.

It's noteworthy how you placed God in the center of your union and yes His was the hands that put your hands together.

Your story is inspiring.

I wish you well.

~ Jeques

Here's my winning moments:


Herb Urban said...

Beautiful post. Thanks for sharing your moment with us.

Tys on Ice said...

wow! 13 years!

i hve always wondered wht a woman goes thru when she gets married...my wife says tht its like eating spicy food...u luv the food, but it has its price in the way of a burning tongue and tears...

to put it mildly :)

iam so glad for your togetherness, the compromises you had to make, the adjusting, the jostling for space, finally finding the comfort...

Prats said...

@Jeques thank you , that was a sweet thing to say!

@herb urban thanks

@tys thank you so much. so now u got one more "how it feels to be in the girls shoes " ;), liked your wife's take on it...spicy food...oh yeah....so true so true.....full andhra style...decide never to have it again, but crave for more of it..the stomach doesn't listen to logic u see...

keith hillman said...

So beautifuly written. I almost felt I was there!

Fuzzylogic said...

Wow!you captured all the emotions in such a beautiful way. And 13years!here's wishing many more such years of dreaming and togetherness.

Keshi said...

LOL @itch! WOOHOO happy 13th then!

And ty sweetz :)


Ziah said...

Happy 13 years together Prats! :) I hope the years shower upon you two infinite joy and only strengthen your bonds!! :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Its etched ,isnt it ,deep within.expressing it as if it happened just a few nano seconds back..
Blessings for a more happily bonded journey in your life with your family

Aarthi said...

Hey lovely one!!!!!!!Awesome...Hope you cherish much more events in yor life with your hubby....So touching....I love this article....:)

Prats said...

@keith , fuzzylogic Thank you so much..

@keshi....itched warning taken!!!

@ziah thank you infintely

@compassion oh yes!! deeply and strongly...as if it happened right now. Thank you

@aarthi thanks so much..

Hip Grandma said...

wishing you both many more years together

Prats said...

@HHG Thank you so much

Thinking aloud said...

Awww...that was beautifully written..hope R read it :))

wishing you many many beautiful moments, together...always...

you made me all mushy now :)look what u've done...!

Shoonyata said...

Congratulations !!! and best wishes for a continued looooong innings.

Thanks for yr comments...I have replied with the meaning :)

Nags said...

yes i know, i kept seeing ur comments on tys's blog too but never thot of checking ur space :) thanks for stopping by.

PS: this post made me misty eyed :)

http://blogforth.com said...

Such a long time to wait.
My husband and I married two weeks after our first date.
It's been 25 years.
Thanks for stopping in to visit.

AlterinG Abhishek said...

this is so well written..
its like the reader actually sways back and can vividly imagine the state of the brides mind..

best wishes

Kalyan said...

lovely reading...beautifully written words....keep going!

Prats said...

@TA gee thanks...yeah R read it and he's all so "mmm" did it happen like this??"

@shoonyata thank you....and went back to read it...and now understood better...

@nags thank you...and keep dropping in ...

@blogforth We were studying then, and decided it was best to wait...I guess its worked well for both of us...thank you

@altering abhishek Thank you ..the bride went on to become a mother and yeah, the memories are still so vivid...its decided to stay on...

@kalyan. Thank you so much, and its nice having you here

sahasra said...

This is my first visit.

Awesome!!!It is very touchy.I felt I was in the very moment of the "Hap".Couldn't fight back my tears while reading.

"The cherished moments in that room"-I felt the same.I wondered if I would have the same 'right' afterwards.

The very time comes when u have to leave ur dear ones & ur home,tears rollin' down unceasantly, a warm hand pats u assuring HE would be as caring as ur parents.

Belated Marriage anniversary wishes!!!

Can I bookmark ur post in my blog?