Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Lets dance!!!

DANCE THE BODY MUSIC.....One of the first few songs that stuck in my head like a ear worm...from the group, OSIBISA..while I was young and learning to understand what music was all about.

It set the feet tapping and its been tapping all along...dancing begins in the heart. Its what I believe...U don't need music to start...you must feel it...

Our country has such vast dance forms, that I feel so proud to be part of its culture...(pssst, I haven't learnt a single form though :( , I enjoy watching them )

Each one form expresses so much beauty that there is sheer ecstacy in their movement. Close your eyes, feel the music in side of you....and sway to the rythmn ...and here's what I witnessed while my friends made promises to each other..in Goa,

He looked into her eyes and said "I do"
She smiles,glow on her face
and love in her eyes, whispers back " I do"

The bond has been sealed.
The celebrations begin
Its time for the folks
To rejoice with dancing

Wine glasses raised,
the toasts to be made,
Cake to be cut,
all eyes on them, but-

The strains of the music
flowing in amidst the hik, hiks!
It starts of soft as butterfly wings
But then the tempo rings

Cheek to cheek
Toes apart
Hands entwined
Smiles reaching the twinkling eyes

So much beauty
In the sway of the hips,
the knowing lips
Love for all to feel

Dancing in the wind
see breeze flowing past
Hair curling into wet locks
on the forehead

Music flows into the air
The spring of the rythmn
Brings on an air

Theres a blending of hearts
Swaying around, on blissful beats
Dance the body music,
Music makes us happy!!

While going through the prompts at Sunday Scribblings, this is what got me onto my feet....


Ziah said...

Hey Prats! Left a comment... and it just didnt appear! Damn blogger!:)

I must tell you that you have a way with poetry!:) Now I'm maha curious how your short stories may sound like... you should give it a shot!:)

Also, was generally wondering... your 10 year plan had NOTHING to do with 3D! Is that a dead end?:(

Prats said...

@Ziah , Disappear??? must have done the 3D on you...heheheh
Thank you....poetry...never thought I could but learning...
Short stories, lil problem....I don't think anything can be short for me....it might just become another epic..

And 3d featuring in the 10commanments... ( don't tell loudly...one mr hells angel will appear) Its there...but part of the will do's....tell that to ur mister also..

Compassion Unlimitted said...

wonderful as usual..what to say..ziah has said it all !!

Preethi said...

lovely as usual.. you do have a way with words.. what a lovely picture you paint here..

J said...

Dance doesn't quite appeal much to me, but the music sure does and presently tripping on psy trance.

Joy said...


Thinking aloud said...

that was tip tapping ;)...sigh...u have such a beautiful way with the words...
all i could think of when i saw the prompt is the way the boys make me dance to their tunes :)

Ps said...

beautifully expressed! I LOVE to dance too. I think it is as natural as walking--but somewhere along, people worry too much about how they look and what others will say that they think they can't dance.I think everyone CAN. Music and dance are so so so essential.

Thinking aloud said...

BANG...did teh tag!!!!!

Keshi said...

Music and Dancing certainly make me happy!


Prats said...

@CU thank you....

@preethi Thank you preethi
I think the occassion itself brought out the feelings

@J There are quite a few who don't enjoy dance...but loving music in any form itself is like dance...you dance from within you..

@joy thank you

@TA heheh, thats a great take on dance....new and interesting. You can write on it too... ;)
Will check out ur blog now...

@ps Thank you ...and you said it so right....when u get conscious of what you're doing you lose that enjoyment from inside...its just about loving every moment and moving with it..I love dancing too...sometimes a lil too much..

@keshi Somehow I can connect you with dance and music Keshi, its so YOU...

UL said...

You had me go tap-tap-tap as the heart went thud-thud-thud :), music of the heart and dance of the body, mmm, this was a delcious post. Thank you Prats.


the stygian sailor said...

i have the 'two left feet' syndrome.
cant dance for nuts

Prats said...

@ul thank you...wishing you a tap-tap-tapping season :)

@stygian sailor oh , thats ok....Hope you love the feel of dance at least...it'll give you the same thrill...

Pri said...

u got me tapping my toes on the floor and with no music...
just got swept away...:)
keep it going!

Prats said...

@pri hey thanks...keep it tapping well into the new year....

Swati said...

Beautiful words! You are too good with words,Prats!!