Monday, January 7, 2008

Ya ya Mayyayo


Vacations are over and I’m sure happy, and feel like screaming from the rooftops.

Can’t even do that. ‘Cos my throats gone a long excursion into coarse, close, hoarse land!!! And all because I decided to enjoy myself, thoroughly during my trip to Goa, to usher in the New Year.
I know I always wonder why people make such a big event out of it…can’t u treat the day just like any other day. After all we Indians have hundreds of new years to celebrate. Now who am I to complain??
After all its just another day to party or be with the ones you love.

Its strange how, you see your friends from school and college, the ones you’ve played gilli danda, or lagori with, the ones who helped you through your first hangover, the same pals who sat through your late night presentations, just so that you’ll have company and wouldn’t fall asleep. They are the very same. They haven’t changed.
Yes they have, a wee bit!! They’ve married, added onto their cluster, and their headaches and sleepless nights. The kids are growing up to be a reflection of their very own selves.

The other day while we were all sitting at the table in the resort waiting for the “oh so slow” (its always like that in Goa) lunch to come to our table, my son remarked looking at my friends daughter “Ma! She looks just like A uncle, doesn’t she?” Yes she did, her mannerisms, her looks and her poise all resembled her father. That was hard for us to take, it brought a lump in our throats ( of course, I’m sure only us moms ). We had seen these very same guys talking through their hats flirting around college campus, walking around acting as if they were heroes. Now they are real heroes, to their children and seeing them in such soft roles, brings a warm smile.

I just read Tys post and it reminded me of this. Why can’t men be allowed to show their true feelings?

Surprisingly if we are close to any one, we don’t need to hide, and we can sense their every suppressed laugh, their hidden tears, the agony that they go through trying hard not to let the others see …Yes, we can see through them. But not because they are bad at hiding them, but because we love them and we care for them.

This trip was a journey for all of us. We have gone on so many trips taking our kids along. This one was different. Our kids are growing, and we see ourselves through them. We had time to spend with our friends, while the kids made their own days. They bonded with each other, gender be damned, and age be frowned upon.
We partied for them, with them and without them. In the end we walked away gingerly ( too much of dancing and drinking and blisters in our tired feet), with a smile on our terribly tanned, roasted faces, only knowing that the kids were happy, we had had a great holiday, relaxed, rested, danced, sang, and shouted ourselves hoarse.

Now that I’m back, its taken me a while to get back to normal routine. Still think, I’ll have to wait endlessly for the waiters to show up to take our food orders, and then when one does arrive, he’s so confused that he lands up mixing up the orders, the small details that we in our frenzied state have given him. But in the end we smile, cos the food is good ..(the food in Goa is always that, no doubts about that !slurrrrpp!!!!) and their ambience is even better , and more so their music puts you into a trance. (listen to the song below to know why?? )

And now I try to get back to my routine, kids , finished school projects ( as usual in a last minute frantic panic session) and then the regular doorbell routine… (the only thing missing is the "krupaya dhyan deejiye, platform number 4 per aanewali. gaadi......ting tong)

Boy!!! Am I sad to be back!!!!!


Ziah said...

Welcome back! :) Good times were had eh?

Prats, a lot of stereotypes, like men not crying, as baseless as they are, need to be unlearned. Maybe you could make a difference. You have two young minds to mould with reason!:)

Thinking aloud said...

**The kids are growing up to be a reflection of their very own selves.***
i know...everytime i see swaraj isee myself in him and i go "OMG, is he going to all that i did?

Are we glad you are back and how!!!
i so loved this post because your ranting was so very on target...

and ure 'sad' to be back :(..

Prats said...

@ziah Thank you and yes...great times. I really hope I can bring about a change at leats in my kids. So far they're never struggled to let us know their emotions, I pray that it remains so.

@TA hey thanks...sure does feel good to be here, out amidst my blogging. Am sad cos I have to get back to all the routine...and no being served and being waited upon... :(

Prats said...

ooops...too many typos..maybe i'm still not back

dailyrium said...

i hope that one day i'll be having just as much fun with my kids as you are having with yours :)

Tys on Ice said...

wow, tht sounded like fun...especialy the para gliding bit...awesome!

i've been to goa long time ago...rode from was fun...hmmm, nostalgia happening now..

anyways welcome back...

Rambler said...

hey looks like you had an awesome time in goa.. well about children, its only lately I have started to deal with kids whose parents I knew as kids, you see them handle children and you feel how far the parents have changed.

Ps said...

I know what you mean!-- About kids bonding(I too had a great time at Mumbai at a close friend's place.Another good friend joined us.The kids had a GALA time)
The WORST thing about a great vacation is getting back to reality.

J said...

Most.. including myself, say a lot of crap about the hype of the New Year's eve, but eventually get sucked into the excitement.

Hmmm.. looks like you had a nice time with family and friends. Glad that the new year's eve comes just once a year ;)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

// food being served and being waited upon... :(//
The long gap is for you to change you mind and have that extra large mug of beer or simply the Goan time remember that..
Athu sari when are you taking us all there, I mean the Blog family and friends..what ziah /Suma..super idea isnt it...feni Beer Feni beer Fen....zzzz


Prats said...

@dailyrium Of course its all in perspective. Kids can be as much fun as your friends are...we parents should just learn to bend down to their level and understand them ....and i'm sure you will have loads of fun when your chance comes.

@tys It was every bit that. Fun! Parasailing can be exciting, and more so when you get to see the awe in your little ones eyes after they come back to the ground. Thank you, and its fun being back here.

@rambler are an extension of the parent. Its nice to be around them.

@PS so true, sadly we have to get back to the same old mundane routine...but the short breaks are a pep. You were around kids and their fun too....its so lovely..

@j oh yeah...thank god! it comes only once a year. I'd have no energy left I suppose :).

@CU c'mon join the parrty...feni, and vindaloo :)

Preethi said...

Looks like you had a great holiday.. and I loved the song! Goa is a special place.. I honeymooned in Goa.. spent a lazy 10 days there and loved it!! So I will always hold that close to my heart!! Loved the comment "The kids are growing up to be a reflection of their very own selves."

Thinking aloud said...

i loved the song...and goa is special ;)

Prats said...

@preethi. Ooh...I understand your affection for this wonderful place, there's something about it that you can't ignore...thank you

@TA...puts you into positive mood right away doesn't it? :)

V said...


Prats said...

@V U budda...if I were to reveal all trade secrets your wifey will know what you guys are!!!

UL said...

i am glad i finallt got here, prats. now i will be ploughing through all the posts i missed, glad you had a wonderful break in goa, happy 08 to you and yours :)