Monday, May 12, 2008

For all you MOMS!

So ,the weekend passed and all us, 'feel good moms', had a blast...why? You would think? 'Cos no one remembered it was 'Mother's Day' and none wished us :(. We were 4 moms sitting there sulking....but never felt any less happy. We were , only too much. The weekend had been a great stress reliever. And what more does a mom want other than to see her kids happy and playing with their friends, no tantrums, food polished off frequently. Dads, lounging around, no deadlines being spoken of...It was a truly a great Mother's day for all of us. It wasn't planned that way , so it was fun.

And while we were there...we even got to see other creations ....a beautiful one at that. It was a tailor bird's nest. And to our surprise, the lil one was still inside, all eyes closed and cuddled up in the small cosy space. The kids were too excited and would not leave their side.Clicked some pictures, and here they are...not great quality...what do you expect when the pictures are from my cellphone, and there's too much excitement around ..

I logged on today after the lovely weekend...and read Preethi's scrap, and she was sulking happily, ( we all know, her family loves her and so do we :) )..when I thought I'd put this poem out, that I had written, and thought this was a good time when the whole melodrama of the special day has died down...and this goes out to all the mothers out here..

The one word, that can bring forth
The cooing when her baby was born
The silly songs she sang while,
diapers that were changed on and on

The smile she held on
even though the world around her rolled on:
The one who remembers all baby's feeds
and even the family's around her.

She says she is tired
but she doesn't know what she says
she is still seen in all spaces
And walking around in a daze

Eat your vegetables, she says
yuck! tomatoes...the son says!
she makes Ravan look like a mouse
But she's all marshmallow inside.

The tomatoes are there,
pureed and camouflaged
Eat he must, and he will
Or else, he'll be grounded.

'Take the jacket, its gonna rain', she said
Oh! mom! Its so bright and sunny, you're crazy
And walks out with just a shirt trying to dare
and sure as she said, it pours and pours
through the rainbows and thunderous roars.

She's bony, not as the other mom's are
But when sonny needs a hug
The warmth and love hidden in there
envelops and fills, and spreads through all.

What does she get, when she stays
Long after the bus has gone
waving her hands, to the small little hands.
Until she can't see them no more
Eyes still glossy with unshed tears.

She's the one who makes us feel
the world is still beautiful
Don't worry at all
Your momma's there
She'll kiss evil, good bye after all.


Suma said...

aww....that was so from the heart and so very beautiful...
i so get what u mean...

and te kids must have been thrilled to see the nest with its lil inhabitant...

happy mom's day to another special mom...

the neighbor's son and mine made a card together for me...with a pizza drawn inside it was a special day for them alrite!!!


Sumana said...

Such a beautiful and meaningful poem Prats. Can make out your day was truly special and why not being a mom is special. Happy mothers day...

vEENs said...

ahh!!! well i did wish my mom too.. but well fought with her too :D

kung fu to be precise!! ;))

and pics are cute... but i dnt see the lil one! i hav enever seen a lil one :-/ in a nest that is :-/

they were always too high :D

and the poem is beautiful.. u knw !

and it is also for u !!!

:)) and for my mom too!!

and for every other one ;))

they r special... God they are :D

brocasarea said...

lovely poem!!.......and happy mothers day!!..:)..

J said...

Wow, sounds like a perfect day.

Happy belated mother's day :P The flowers should be reaching you anytime soon.


Prats said...

@suma thank you. The kids were so excited and they were trying to get the lil one out ...but had to pull them away.
Your son is so sweet...a pizza card, that was different

Prats said...

@sumana Thanks and yes it is special.

@veens aaww....its ok I guess....sometmies, mom's are always just a sounding board for our feelings....
She being a mom would have instantly forgiven...

The fluffy green thing inside the leaves tied together is the lil one....and this was in a bush , so quite low. Thanks for the wishes

Prats said...

@broca's hey much

@j :D thank you and i'll be waiting for those promised flowers

Rambler said...

I think one of the person who gets the least credit and is always taken for granted is mother..
just wrote something on the subject

Happy mother's day

Keshi said...

beautiful ode to beautiful mums from a beautiful mum!

*HUGZ* and Happy Mums Day to ya!


ceedy said...


true from the heart....thats what life is right...seeking fun in everyday tasks...:)

happy mothers day!

my own accounts said...

Its a great poem,liked it the way you brought to us especially these lines.

Long after the bus has gone
waving her hands, to the small little hands.
Until she can't see them no more
Eyes still glossy with unshed tears.

i remember when i had to leave my 7 month old son and go to India for my Dad's funeral.

Ps said...

Beautiful poem.
Thanks for the mention!

June said...

...was so occupied by the day's work,had totally forgotten about the mother's day, thank you for reminding

Joy said...

Beautiful poem!

Keshi said...

come check out my Reward post Prats.


♥bμşγ-ŵŗϊŧēŕ♥ said...

aww, the uncliche-est beautiful poem on mothers!

blogrolling you. :)