Friday, September 5, 2008


I loved going out to the bus stop to drop my kids off to their school bus! I really did! I would stand there and watch all the morning joggers, the old maami's in their pristine white sneakers...and 'bobcut', the huge great danes who would go about the tree lined roads...the parts of the road, which manages to efficiently stay around inspite of the magic boxes, fly overs, airports and diversions...the huge, docile dogs, who would love to lift their hind legs just in front of the ' Do not urinate here' boards...I would love to stand and watch. It was my favourite time of the was a time that I would spend chatting up with my sons.. ( wonder how they would remember all the assignments so naturally right there in the bus stop..just making me feel all so bad momma yet again....but that was the best time yes!!!! I could enjoy just a few more moments of peace and calm.

On the way back...I would walk, ever so eyes would be trained, 2 behind, 2 to the right, 2 the left and 2 in front( all over the place, is what I mean ...)....trying to see....far beyond and far behind. I would enter my gate, eyes trained on my kitchen window...just trying to see if it had been opened just a few inches more than what I had earlier in the day...

I would enter the lobby, and while entering the lift that would take me to my wing, try and peep into the other...( bad habit... :( ) just hoping....and the then the escalation would start, the rise of the the floor was nearing...I would turn into my corridor, walk slowly and walk ever so carefully...all eyes on the floor....No...I knew how to walk straight...I could walk blindfolded in that corridor ..but I had a reason...I wanted to spot the one thing that would brighten my day!!

The lone pair of footwear...conspicious by its presence...but heartening to my soul...the sight that would make me smile and know that this is what I needed to know that my day is going to be good and bright....Never had a pair of worn out chappals made me smile and grin as much as these...

I would open the door and hear the splish splash in the kitchen and walk in proud, head held high, shutting out the 'Hi, you're back?' from dear hubby....of course I was proud...


PS. Written in sheer frustration 'cos maid had been phoonked....or whatever...for the last 3 days...,


Veens said...

hehehe!! u poor Soul!

prolly her car broke down :P or maybe her AC :P


Compassion Unlimitted said...

Great,suspence on till the end..the anticipation writ large !!

Suma said... poor thing...3 days?!!!

onlooker said...

ya sort of guessed, was leading to sthg like this, but the suspense maintained was good!
sigh, we here in the middle east, have no such joys of spotting the much awaited visitor! all that we are left with is piled up sinks and messed up floors, day in and day out!! sigh!

whatsinaname said...

Almost the same story here on sunday... the difference being that I peep into my neighbours alley for the sure sign of a happy day!
and then my heart goes... MAID in India :D

Rambler said...

it can be real troublesome..hoping she is back for good

Manasa said...

Our maid goes on leave without informing.. My mom also faces the same situation :(

sahana said...

darling! dont dare crib and leave out something like this out for me to read! u know my scene!

Keshi said...

aww not a great situation to be in...hope all works out well anyways.

and u still hvnt collected ur award...:(


Sumana said...

Oh man 3 days, you must be rubbing the pain balms for sure.

J said...

Magicbox, makes me miss bangalore sooooooooooooo much :(

Lol!! Yaay for the maid too :P

Ankur said...

hehe.. u knw wat, it happens!!
i really dont know how a housewife (working too) behaves when the maid doesnt turn up (unluckily my mom like to do all the work), but i surely know how it feels when she doesnt turn up all for myself... the dirty home!!! :P
the unwashed lingerie!! hehhe :P

but isnt it good to leave the kids to their stop... but do u really see ppl joggin on roads in blore, wat i saw was vehicles, vehicles, and more vehicles... lolzzzz

luckily the society i was stayin in was big enugh to jog inside only.. hehe!! !

so has she come now??

Solitaire said...

Hahaha!! Maids....I wish I had one.