Saturday, August 8, 2009

She smiles like a twinkling star!!

Her eyes twinkled when she smiled. And smile she did so often it was contagious. She radiated a unique sense of energy to those who followed her.
When she laughed her laugh lines stretched so wide it reached the next beautiful smile. She was one with a million dreams, an endless heart, the hand that soothed several tired limbs and the one just wanted to be.

When her partner cried like a baby because she left him alone to go out and meet her friends for her daily round of gossip, she’d get upset. But naturally, it was her intense determination to let the world in on her world. She was so softspoken, one had to strain his ears to hear her. So childlike, her enthusiasm was so infectious.
Her motto in life was to “Live on, its not the end of the world”. As a couple she and her partner had raised kids to the dozens, children , grandchildren and greatgrandchildren. When he touched the babies, it was as if there an invisible protection bubble being created around the child. She insisted on visiting every new born in her family. Nothing would stop her from taking those quick, nimble steps to reach her destination.

Her hair combed so neatly , I wondered if she ever felt bored not to, any single day? Her hands always laden with glass bangles, ones she always insisted I slide it through her soft wrinkly hands. She was special, and she was beautiful for us through her lovely thoughts and her most generous nature.

On the day she celebrated staying together for 75 good years with her partner(75th wedding anniversary), who was nearing a century, she was shy. She blushed when we teased her. She recollected some real wonderful moments with all of us. …and some present there turned beet red!!

She was asked to talk about her extended family, and her life in a joint one. Her position as a wife, mother, grandparent, teacher, friend, guide and most importantly just being HER.. She was as excited as a little child with the candy , seeing herself on television, it made the whole family cherish that moment.
Most remember her for her lovely goodies she would cook up, some which she said couldn’t be made without the right amount of dedication and love. Pour it in, close your eyes, feel the fragrance wift through your nose, if it smells good to you, so will it taste for your people, she said. The aromas, still slowly slides through and settles on our senses…we still hold onto those moments.
Cherish it we will, because at 93 she was our only best…she was our GRANDMOTHER.

To my grandmother who passed on, to celebrate her life along with her husband 13 days ago….they’ll make merry with the angels, and I’m sure bring more smiles to those up there.
p.s (The baby in the above picture, in her lap is my firstborn.)


Kavi said...

Grandmothers are special ! And when they pass away, they leave a void which is very difficult to fill. Often, stays empty.

This was a brilliant tribute to a wonderful lady. Sorry to hear about her leaving.

I am sure, in the values, moments and time, she still is very much present through you and your children.

Preeti Shenoy said...

Superb tribute Prats.
She sounds so much like my grandma who I miss a lot.
You are really really fortunate that yours got a chance to see your children.
Mine passed away even before I got married.
I loved this post.

Suma said...

grandparents are treasures kavi said, they leave a void which is very difficult to fill

we have an extremely precious snap of my grandparents with their great grandchildren...

what a lovely tribute, prats.

Ugich Konitari said...

What a wonderful tribute to a special grandma. Loved this post....

Rambler said...

I am sorry to hear about your grandmother prats...

they are just too special..

lena said...

Grandmothers are so amazing and always take a special place in our life. When they leave us we miss them more than anyone but they always remain in our hearts. Sweet memories are the only things left to us then..
your post is such a beautiful tribute! Amazing :)

Ankur said...

grandparents are special... i have lost my dada dadi when i was adolescent and i have my nana nani whom i love the most on this planet and believe me even the thought scares me!! :)

Wish her soul rests in peace and i know they all look from heaven to bless us!! :)


Pavi!!!! said...

May her soul rest in peace.

Very nicely written pratts..i adore my grandparents but wldn’t be able to convey it the way u have!

The physical and mental strength, the love n warmth, the ever-giving attitude the honesty n integrity.. of people of those times is so commendable..we can never hope to attain it , only hope to realize it n be able to see it in them n be blessed enough associate ourselves with them in whatever way is possible.

Preethi said...

Grandmom's are very special.. mine passed away a couple of months back.. and this trip to India is just not the same without her!! Hugs!!

rayshma said...

that is SO special, prats.
I feel i've missed out on so much by not having grandparents...

Preeti Shenoy said...

hey--your comment on my post has been chosen for a card! :)I have updated my post :-)
Please send me your postal address.

Joy said...

Gradmas will always be special...

Take care