Thursday, November 11, 2010

November again???? its been a year now since I actually wrote something that one could read..and I'm so clueless as to why?

I have come here many a times to write but somehow never got down to doing it...
blame it on my Iphone which I got addicted to.... :( { bad girl}

Should I say, I ran out of thoughts???? flowed easily onto status messages, sms's phone calls, but none got converted to words

Its been ages now....and I miss all the fun I had while I was here.
Do you think you'll can welcome me back into this domain?????

I'm going to do just right back...


rm said...

oh! we sure .. please do start writing. You were very much missed.

Sumana said...

Welcome back.Does a little jig. We missed all the nostalgic and the not so nostagic posts.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Welcome back.This happens to almost everyone..prolific bloggers have just vanished..drifting to other latest public domains..God Only knows..but finally they are back,but sadly again they vanish..LOL
I hope you will stay
definitely one missed your posts


Hershey Desai said...

your timing couldn't be better :)

I am in the process of clearing out stagnant blogs... ones that haven't been updated for 3 months and more.
You'll be surprised at how many of my readers from the ol days have stopped writing.

Glad to see you are not one of them anymore.