Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Simple pleasures

"He sat down at his table, chewing on his pencil, the left hand twirling the new keychain which he'd said was very important for him, and working out some numericals in physics."
And then I heard the antenna went up. I knew he was upset. On asking him I came to know that he was stuck with some I knew it was going ot be a tough job for me to settle that. He doesnt like being wrong (does any guy do?? ) But try I did. Showed him how it worked and explained where he was going wrong. He didnt want to accept so easily, so he walked away still scowling. And then I heard those words.."Thanks, ma..I got it"
As an adult I've always wondered if we are ever satisfied with what we do or what we have? I'm not talking about the larger frame of things. Not the regular ones that grown ups always whine and groan about. Materialistic stuff and all.
Are we ever happy with we do?
I am always never satisfied with what I do. I always feel like I could have done this better. It plays on in my mind, running like a jagged cog, and then i'm stressed because I'm thinking all the more.

Life is simple in the eyes of children i'd say.
Ecah time I look at my 12 year old, he brings out the world in a new format. He looks at it with no expectations. He's a happy boy. And i wish I could get that trait from him. He always has a reply to something that didnt out right. and most times it goes "At least I did this much"

I wish we could learn from that. When I watch him I know i've done something right, but then next minute I go back into the thinking mode.."What if's, but, and I wish..."
Wish it was as easy as being the child.
Do the task, finish it to the best of our ability and then if it works out fine , if not just go on...

Can we do it? I leave you with this song which I love

Sunshine on my shoulders by John Denver

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Pinksocks said...

Such is the joy of being a free thinker. Cherish him. :)

AJ said...

I too tend to mull over thing I do for days together, need to learn a lesson or two from your son soon enough.