Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Six and its pull

Was having a mindblock. So I thought i'd do a 6-word memoir

'Forever dreaming, getting married, grounded reality'

'Having babies, guilt ridden, proud smiles'

My day 10 post for 'Marathon Bloggers'


Simran said...

I am edging towards the mind block very slowly but I will be there soon for sure!! The 6 word memoir does describe a lot of my life too accurately ;)

Pinksocks said...

Grounded reality..hahahaha. Oh So profound

Prats said...

It's bound to happen because we are not used to writing on a daily basis. But I'm sure we'll get better as we progress.
Maybe you should do the 6word memoir when that happens

Aparna said...

Nice nice.. although keeping it short is equally difficult for me ;). Even if I have very little to say, I have to say it "wordily" !!

Prats said...

Simran : The 6 word memoir is fun too.

Pinksocks : Lol! Sometimes, fewer words bring out reality better

Aparna : I understand. Im like that too. That is the reason this was a challenge for me. Do try it sometime