Sunday, August 19, 2007


Just one of those days!! Nothing seems to be the order of the day!!!

Open my eyes, and what do I see,
Nothing outside but sunshine that creeps:
Where does it hurry,
when I need to worry,
taking care to see that no one tarries!

Open the tap, and there's nothing coming out;
Oops I forgot,there was no water throughout.
What do I do, lines crease my forehead
I have some stored, so there's no need to break my head

There's so much of nothingness,
Empty words, empty feelings,
don't even know what it is that I desire
too much of thinking, better leave it still
I'm not better off sitting still.

Words go around my head,
trying to make sense, with what is said
Will it make things better,
I know it's just a fetter
to sit and wind those broken strings,
let things lie, and seek peace within...

The song
Still haven't found what i'm looking for by U2 playing in the background!!

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