Thursday, August 9, 2007

Prayer is meditation


It is like meditation. For me at least. U don't need to go to the temple or sit in front of an image of God or even recite shlokas from books...for me prayer is sincere thanksgiving to the Lord, and a dialogue between Him and me.

Years i've lived, with the thought of Him watching over me, or else how do I explain, my life here!! He's there and I thank him for that. And in times of distress I talk to him...if he thinks I can take it, he'll put me thru whatever situation, and he'll also give me the strength to go thru it...But i'll not stop praying...

My prayers go out to all those around me, cos if others don't find the way to pray, I shall....I can pray anytime or any place....

Today I pray that He gives strength to everyone especially those who can't , who need the strength, those who need to hold His hand, those who need to talk to Him...I'll pray that He stays with them...and gets them thru all their fears and troubled times

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