Saturday, August 11, 2007



Mirrors reflect only what you want to see. If you look carefully, it shows u hundreds of images, one within the other...

Thats our life, there is goodness, each within itself. ...
No man sets out to destroy another, its the situation he creates or that is created by outside elements, that brings him to such situations.

There is always goodness in almost everyone. Even the most feared convicts have them , and it shows when they face their loved does every person in this just needs a little push to bring it out.

When in error don't doubt yourself, just be glad that worse things didn't happen, and it was for the good that whatever happened did happen.

I've always believed in the beauty of is the only relationship that can stand weathering, thru thick and thin, thru good times and bad times....just becos there is a speedbreaker, it doesn't mean u cannot go over it!!

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