Saturday, August 11, 2007


Mind is the most complicated organ, I guess!! It has to be occupied all the time, if not it goes into a mode of calculative analysis. It what it was made for...
But then these thought can always be recursive if not controlled.

Thoughts can be of 2 categories,
Good : Is what we think is good to our eyes.
Evil : What we think is not right for us.

But in between all this, there is another option, don't think at all...evil or not, it is a thought...let it be!! good or not let it be!!

Y waste your precious moments of life with others, dwelling on things that cannot be changed. Just let it be!!

Don't start giving it a label...don't start negating everything, ....

Just let the sunshine fill the day, the clouds that darken , will peep out eventually lined with silver one day....and that silver is far brighter than the sunshine that preceded it....

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