Sunday, October 21, 2007

10 commandments

Had a great time holidaying!! Went through the entire ritual with kids, crankiness, excess baggage, shopping, .......

First :
I'm sick of sitting in cars, endlessly....

Second :
I'm sick of roti , dhal, sabzi, paneer..... and breakfast buffets

I'm sick of trying to find that magic space in my suitcase to fit in that extra shopping item...and when I do find it, find that one more needs space...

Fourth :
I'm sick of buying gifts for uncles, aunts, grandpas, neighbour, his dog, and then finally realise I havent bought anything for my own its back to shopping

I'm tired of feeling gulity that I slept too much

I'm not sure if I ever want to fly again...I hated those cutlets

I hate myself for packing so many warm clothes and still not finding a fresh one the last day of my trip, so had to do washing

Never ever thought I'd crave to cook again

I thought i'd never miss the net, blogging, my friends, but I sure did...a hell of a lot :(

Tenth :

A happy Dussehra to all....glad to be back from the most amazing place...Manali and Rohtang


Tys on Ice said...

admit it..u had a great time, didnt ya?, wheres the pics?...but holidays sometimes can be really stressful...

Prats said...

@tys you bet I had a great time....I did all those things I had dreamt of and never thought I could achieve as I gre older each year....but I realised it was stressful too but it was forgotten amidst the 10 commands....
Will upload pictures soon as the various gadgets get due attention from me...for now my head has not stopped spinning

Thinking aloud said...

@ prats...

hey...hope u had a fab b'day...and u know somethin...u came all teh way from b;ore and got to see manali and snow while i staying delhi for 7 yrs still haven't ...:(
tho smita tells me, wait till u have to shovel the snow off the path everyday...:))

Prats said...

@suma....heheh....I kept telling my kids about them and their clearing their driveway all thru.....but they didnt seem to understand...all that they did was soak in all the time there. Though i've been there thrice....this time it felt so different

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hmm..That was some holiday u back and looking forward to the nice things which happened during the holidays !!

Keshi said...

aww WB missed u too Prats!

but plz dun say ur sick of all that...u just came bak from a great feel refreshed and smile :)


Prats said...

@compassion Thank you, and yes it was fun. Should write about it sometime
@keshi hey girl good to have u here....and i'm smiling now...

Ziah said...

Hey babe!! Welcome back!! :) A break is always a great thing... Glad you had a rocking time... I guess the one good thing about being back to the grind is we'll have you back on blogland!! :)

Photu kidhar?? :)

Bla said...

"I'm tired of feeling gulity that I slept too much..."

I know this feeling.

Prats said...

I'm so glad yes, to back...and so much more to this space...will keep ranting all over again :)

photus soon....time please

@bla haha....its so confusing aint it?

Bullshee said...

You should never feel guilty of sleeping too much! That is breaking a commandment in itself!

"Thou shalt not complain thou getest too much slumber"

-Ezeikiel, the sleepy prophet, Verse 1, Line 1.

He slept a lot, so he never got to line 2.

Prats said...

@bullshee So U mean I can still say my amens with no guilt...yeayy.....?? Thanks for dropping in...nice to have u here