Monday, November 19, 2007

Curiousity killed the cat!!

PS tagged me for this meme, and had me thinking all through the weekend. Though it looked easy at first read, it got me thinking in a few questions.

But I tried my best to give you my honest answers...hope it satisfies the curious cat :)

1. Which one person would you choose to understand you better?

My son undoubtedly.!! Entering his teens soon....he thinks i'm the witch right now :( . Nothing I say comes out right for him.

There's a constant battle, and though he's always a sweetheart, there are times, when I feel, I wish he could understand why I say things and why I make him do them. Cos we always think of the best for them.

2. What do you think is the best age to be? Why?

Actually i've enjoyed every stage of my life. Each phase had its fun times and sobstories, and I never want to turn back the clock. But I think the time when I was expecting my babies were the best time of my life. That was an age where I dreamt and smiled and saw miracles happen. Can't ever forget that.

3.Of all the people you know, who would be the easiest to seduce? Why?

Now thats a sitter. "My dear husband". Sometimes, I feel as if i'm meeting him for the first time, and I never have to try too much. I guess with age and growing marriage years, its just taken for granted, and we stop making attempts. But I can't think of anyone else :)

4. What's the best advice you didn't heed?

Some of my best friends have tried advicing me on the art of saying NO. I've never been able to heed to their advice.

5. Show and Tell. What comes to mind first when you see this picture? Or, tell a story if it reminds you of one

The SNOOZE alarm. One of the best inventions in history for me. For times when I get very little sleep, the snooze gives me the false feeling that i've overslept. And I don't know what i'd do without it... ;)

Those who drop in to read, see if you feel like answering these could be fun..take it up and let me know


Ps said...

Could totally relate to the first one.I'll be facing the same thing in a couple of years.Already pre-teen behaviuor is rearing its head.
As regards third--come one!! :-)How can you not even think of anyone else?Fantasising IS healthy you know!! (scientifically proven and all that!) I had half a dozen names--but I didnt want to embarrass them--so refrained from saying it.I'm sure its the same with you!:-)

Prats said...

@PS Psychic or what? lol....and you mean i'd do the same to all those poor souls out there....can't think of doing that...i'll give those guys some peace. At least with hubby I know its foolproof ;)

Tough times ahead for you I can see....its tougher than childbirth...teens grrr

Thinking aloud said...

hey... i see a lot of similarities...and we all r too fond of our husbands ;)...what say?
and i liked the answer to te clock...:)

Rambler said...

he he I liked the snooze part, unfortunately/fortunately I dont have this problem, I get very little sleep so usually am up before the alarm rings :)

Prats said...

@TA Yes maybe we r too fond of the husbands...or maybe v are too chicken about blurting the truth...nah, just joking...
Clocks do that to me...maybe I just need to catch up on a lot more sleep :(

@rambler You are so lucky. I hardly sleep, cos i'm a very light sleeper...but tragedy always strikes half an hour before the alarm rings, and i'm like loving the snooze...I set my clock 15 mins ahead, and give myself 5 snooze hits before I I finally wake up at the same @#!^& time...but feel very thrilled

Shoonyata said...


BTW: I have attempted your tag :)

Parul said...


I too thought my mum was a witch when i was 13 :P

Hip Grandma said...

Tagged!do take it up

Keshi said...

Interestingly done! :)


oormila vijayakrishnan said...

Witch? Blarrrharrharrharrharr! When I look back, yeah, there were times when I felt my parents were out to sacrifice me too in ritual witchcraft. So, am not going to be alarmed when the day comes when my daughter will describe as a hag with a broom!
As for the best age to be, in my opinion, it was age 0-3 when everything was done for me. *Sigh*, such luxury to be a baby....

Prats said...

@oormila If you soon catch me up in the skies with a broom , you'll know why!!! Oh the blissful years of babyhood!!!!