Tuesday, November 13, 2007

To Be A Friend!

And so they crept in!!
Through the writer's island

Cackle of voices
silence creeping in
eyelashes drooping
thoughts rushing in

A hand that warms
A shoulder that supports
The feet that walk by the side

A smile that lasts
through the wetness
of another's tears

The smile that knows
the fleeting world
that passes through

Long calls through the night
listening to the downpour
of wordless torment

The string that connects
the bond that builds
the circle that extends
and brings them in

A thin line that's crossed
past barriers
that of strangers:

builds within
and grows without
hope and expectation

Miles apart
minds enlinked
bypassed egos
quirkiness within

Is it affection, benevolence
harmony wthin oneself
or is it

Just pure friendship??

Is that why
you laugh together
or shed tears for each other ?


Tys on Ice said...

:) ...hmmmm...they say that one shud count ur age by the number of friends u hve?

iam currently 3 years old..

Ps said...

Loved this poem.So well said--yes True friends are a lifeline for me too.

Steve said...

Is that why
you laugh together
or shed tears for each other ?
It is why I came here to visit!

J said...

Friends were but once strangers and then it's a different course altogether.

Prats said...

@tys looks like you forgot the long list that leaves trails on your posts :) But yeah, our lives are that much more fulfilled with the friends

@ps Lifelines they are...and our hopes too....thank u

@steve I'm sure glad you did stop by...thank u

@j And hopefully they tread this course with fond memories. :)

aka Danny Wise said...

I like this! - it's true, we were all strangers once...

Ziah said...

I likey!:) I also also prats frendu:) How old does that make you?

tumblewords said...

Nice post! The string that connects is a particularly provocative phrase...you've given much to think about here!

keith hillman said...

Pure friendship. Often saught rarely found.

...deb said...

All your words point to connections. Well done, evocative.

Mary Timme said...

I found this powerful and as Deb says, evocative! Yes all of that!

LittleWing said...

luv it..all encompassing and more..

Lea said...

beautiful stringing of words, a tasted of friendship sure to last... thank you!

Prats said...

@danny wise Its amazing how a moment ago people are strangers and the next, the hand is stretched out in friendship

@ziah me to friendu :) Now i'm all the more richer :)

@tumblewords Thank you for such encouragement. Yes, it can be a very strong bond, and it can only be connected

Prats said...

@keith Why is it that I sense some sadness there?? I'm sure, you will find it one day ....thank you for being here

@deb Thank you Deb, and yes, I've always thought of this relationship in that way...connections...weak or strong..but they are held

@mary timme Hmm powerful, it has been. It was so nice of you. keep dropping in

@littlewing Thank you and yes it is all that and more. Hope you continue to drop in

Prats said...

@lea Thank you Lea and hope this new association keeps bringing you here :)

Thinking aloud said...

hey, poetess, where were you hiding all this while...what an entry...i love the poem and i personally can't think of a life without friends...

and ma'm, u'r tagged at my site...please work your magic:)

gautami tripathy said...

"Miles apart
minds enlinked
bypassed egos
quirkiness within"

I totally connect...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Beautifully done,Friendship carries us thru in our life in the good times and more so in diffucult times..what are we without friends..congrats for a lovely poem or a write up

UL said...

"Miles apart
minds enlinked
bypassed egos
quirkiness within"

This got me for sure, one hundred percent, welcome on board, wonderful poetry, great start. Thanks for sharing.

Prats said...

@TA hiding?? Nah those words kept eluding me I think...thanks for the pep....
and have done the tag...hope it gives you some weird know it feelings..

It sure does have some connection there...and its so part of friendship. Thanks for coming over...keep dropping in...

Prats said...

@CU Yes we are nothing without those precious friends. I hope this starts one on our side too :)
Thank you so much

@ul Never knew what I could say until I started , and then I realised I wanted it put up here....thanks to this Writer's Island. and thanks to all of you

Marcia (MeeAugraphie) said...

The string that connects
the bond that builds
the circle that extends
and brings them in

Love that you included them all. Friends are pretty amazing.

Prats said...

@marcia Yes they are really so precious...and I'm so glad that I'm making some more out here in this virtual world

Rambler said...

The string that connects
the bond that builds
the circle that extends
and brings them in

amazing wordplay, even better feelings..

Prats said...

@rambler Thanks for being so kind. Yeah, I guess it pours out...

Swati said...

Came here through Suma's post. a very beautiful poem indeed! will come back to read more later..

Prats said...

@swati Thank you and please be welcome to read through....