Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Wool Gathering!!

The lips lifted
eyelashes caressed
eyes drifted close
feeling the dream

Fingers splayed
on the expanding

butterfly softness
pitter patter
thy feet

Can you feel it?
They asked
I just smiled

Those tiny kisses
inside of me
bringing with it
dreams lovely

Will it be a bubbly girl?
or a bonny baby boy?
Should it matter
for I want it anyhow

Black eyes or brown
nose puckered
up in a frown

Kindhearted or moody
will there be
a beauty?

Once more the kick
lopsided smiles
with me feeling

There's no one
that can tell
how it can be so

The bundle of joy
makes the presence felt
He looks like his aunt,
no, he looks like my grandaunt

Everyone's given
their precious

Isn't there a dream
within all those
watery eyes

I want to grow older
I want to be
Give me the milk
and let me be!!

Dream on and on
my momma's gone
Into her reverie
and I need to move on

Once more I dream on, and this was in response to a prompt so lovely at writer's island


Rambler said...

I liked your beginning a lot, very nicely done.

Thinking aloud said...

hey...so beautiful!!! you've described the feeling beautifully...

UL said...

Bravo, this was touching and filled with beauty...very well done. Thanks for sharing.

Prats said...

@rambler....hopefully the beginning will never end .thank you.

@ta..isn't it the beauty of the phase....couldnt forget it at all..

@ul Thank you...

Lea said...

Not having carried a child, this was a gift... and beautifully done! Thanks!

tumblewords said...

Lovely dream!!

Joy said...

Beautiful words. Brings back wonderful memories.

Mary Timme said...

Oh you so nailed this experience. Good show! Well done.

Preethi said...

lovely poetry... brings to mind some great memories!! Thanks for writing this.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Very soft yet bubbly..hmm..Is it a dream or...

Prats said...

@lea Thank you

@tumblewords Thanks for that and yeah, reliving it was like another dream by itself

@joy and mary timme Thank you, sharing it was even so beautiful

@preethi It did bring back those lopsided smiles back..and I was left smiling all over again...thank you

@CU thank you, and it was part of my whole experience..twice over :), and worth every moment

Keshi said...

just LOVELY!


Sweetstickychewy said...

Hello Prats.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

Your poem is just breathtaking.


Ziah said...

babe.. some seriously beautiful poetry going on... but I miss the tongue-in-the-cheek prose n the incorrigle ranting...:)

Prats said...

@keshi thank you!!!

@sweetstickychewy Thank you , it just reflected the moment

@ziah Hey glad to have u back here.....thank you. And those tongue-in-cheeks will come out too.... ;)

Ashu said...

very good blog. I liked it. Exchange links ?

Prats said...

@ashu hey thanks...

Gazal said...

a wonderful experience,put into beautiful words...
ask a mother,and she'll say that the only thing she wants is a healthy child.....but sadly sex determination and its female infanticide is still rampant,despite all the progress in thought we have made...sorry for the sad thought,but it just came to my mind as i read your poem

a beautiful post....

Prats said...

@gazal Thank you ! I guess most mothers nowadays do think like that, and some still want their choice of babies. I'm sure its going to take a long while to overcome that hurdle where a baby is as precious as they can get.

Fenny said...

So sweetly told ... brought back many memories ... thank you

Tys on Ice said...

ahhh! that was beautiful...creation thy name is a woman

Prats said...

@fenny Thank you, sometimes, these memories have a way of coming back and leaving you smiling!

@tys Thank you, and you sure said it so right. Now i'm sure you'll be able to relive this too....along with M.

oormila vijayakrishnan said...

That brought back a lot of very beautiful memories for me :-) Am reading this poem at a very special juncture in my life right now ;-), so hope this is my good luck charm...

Prats said...

@oormila ahem ahem!!!! Will pray that the charm winds it way through to u. And brings you yet another round of memories. Thank you!!

Raghu said...

hmm... tempted enough to ask my wife to ask when would our turn be to live through this experience! :)

beautifully written!

Prats said...

@raghu ask ask!!! it is a beautiful experience....thank you

Anonymous said...

the babe in the offing has not only made u a mom but also a poet.
the babe even as it metamorphosises gives pleasure to mom who in turn throughout her life gratefully cherishes it and returns the pleasure manifold even during adversities.
many such occasions r there in life. each and every ocasion is one such provided v r able to look at it the right way.
life is a game, play it said BABA.
vaidya BG1