Monday, January 14, 2008

Hunting for hidden treasures!!!

The gift of security, the knowledge of being there
Can it be the treasure, of having your parents there?

The laughter you share, the colors that’s yours to care
Are you the friend, to whom my thoughts will lay bare?

You teach me math, physics and geography,
Is there a gift inside your methodology?

The treasure that I see when you smile,
Your gurgle lifts my spirits in a while

The fragrance of the flowers in your grandfather’s garden
Bringing memories, so cherished and unforgotten?

Those pages browned ,dog-eared with love and age
Are these words so loved and priceless?
Melodies that bring a song into your heart
Reaching those eyes in a sparkle and a tear

I lay down at night, with thoughts left unaware
Are you the support, leaving my side n’ere?

These muses I hold
Love and joy to behold,
Moments of pleasure
To cherish and treasure

Written in response to the prompt at Writer’s island. "Treasure" and then, a song to listen while you go through this space, that brings back those days so treasured

Treasure brings forth so many thoughts and so many memories. When I hold treasure hunts for kids I love to see their eyes sparkle each time they come away with their solutions to the clue. The last time I had organized one such treasure hunt…I had put up the clues here. Thought I’d share that too along with these few lines that cropped up in my head the moment the word TREASURE passed by my mind.


--xh-- said...

nice lines... relations like that r really a treasure - something which we hope will never end :)

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Treasure hunt made easy !!

Preethi said...

Very nicely put.. the smile and the books.. the melodies.. these are all things I hold dear too...
Do read my take .. The Treasure
Following that in the same blog space, I have also made a couple of attempts at short stories.. read and tell me how you like it.. :)

Thinking aloud said...

i know prats..all memories worth treasuring...and hope you have many more:)

and i knew you would put up your treasure hunt are such a genius...

Compassion Unlimitted said...

இனிய பொங்கல் வாழ்த்துக்கள்

Rambler said...

You teach me math, physics and geography,
Is there a gift inside your methodology?"

How could I forget my teachers, thanks a lot for reminding.. a real treasure we have

Herb Urban said...

Sound like wonderful memories to be cherished. I enjoyed reading your poem.

Prats said...

@xh...A relation that can never be forgotten...I really hope for that

@CU yes...simple and easy

@preethi, in the many long list of treasures, these were the most treasured ones. Will surely take a look at your take on this topic, and also the stories....

@TA mmm Thanks, and yes all are worth it. And no genius...just a flow of creativity to keep children on their toes

@rambler. So true..sometimes we forget, that our basic character buildnig apart frmo the home, comes from teachers..

@herb urban Thank you, and all of them cherished.

J said...

Hhmmm.. read your clues post, quite a brain twister I tell you :P

And that's quite an impressive write you came up with impromptu. Nice to see the poetic side of you.

Guruprasad said...

some words of praise here i attempt
but for my poetic skills i only have contempt

a picture they say can speak a thousand words
but only a poem can make you see in your mind the flight of birds

your poem brings back all the fond memories
friends, tears, school, and bedtime stories

reliving these memories is always a pleasure
thank you for reintroducing us to this treasure


tumblewords said...

Lovely treasures!!

Prats said...

@j Hey thanks...but surprisingly the kids along with the parents were able to crack most of them..

@guruprasad And you say, you have contempt for your poetry...mmm thanks for the encouragement...and its really nostalgic going back...

@tumblewords thank you

Ps said...

Beautiful lines--you and I cherish similar things.

Vinesh said...

what a nice way to say it :-)
as gentle and wonderful as only memories are..

LittleWing said...

what a beautiful chestful of treasures...

Prats said...

@ps...hey, don't we?? In addition to being a pack rat...I can always get all senti with such treasures....and my older one has aquired the same it genetic inheritance!!

@vinesh thanks

@littlewing Thank you

forgetfulone said...

These muses I hold
Love and joy to behold,
Moments of pleasure
To cherish and treasure

That's my favorite part!

Keshi said...

such a PRECIOUS post!


Gazal said...

as kids even the simplest of things can become adults we desire so much more...

lovely post

keith hillman said...

Lovely words perfectly chosen.

Mad Kane said...

Nice job!

Prats said...

@forgetfulone....Thank you

@keshi As precious as the treasures, yes! thank you

@gazal and we start expecting more so more disappointments and upsets.

@keith, madkane Thank you so much