Tuesday, August 21, 2007


As promised, these are the clues which I had organised as part of the treasure hunt...

The kids and parents had a great time running around trying to find the solutions and places with clues hidden

Clues for the Treasure hunt!!
First clue ;

1.One , two, three, you'll find me where dog's pee if its on the roadside, but if its in our building, kids just give me a sandbath...

2. Your uphill neighbour is mighty talented. The next clue's on her private line!!!

3. The clues together in an envelope. It was a set of cclues, that could be sourced out from the internet, shops, homes, anywhere...prints, materials...etc...

1. At midnight, 60 years ago, an inspired prime minister spoke about a tryst with destiny........

Bring me the first 4 sentences as in the original speech.

2. One often finds the Indian Flag being sold at every street corner. But few of us know that only one place in India makes the flag according to the specification of the Bureau of Indian Standards
a- [ Which place is that? Mark it on a Karnataka Map and show it]
b- Name the organisation that makes it.

3. The size of the National Flag that is flown on the parliament house and the Red Fort . Draw to scale and show.
( It can be scaled down, but give the accurate measurements)

4. A picture of the former mayor of the city.

5. Any circular- could be from your school, office.....

6. Any official letter head.

7. A map of you mentor's state. Point out where the birth town/ city is.

8. A copy of the frontpage of last wednesday's newspaper, main edition

9.. Something in writing that tells you how many people live in the country- july 2007 estimate

10. A picture of any historical landmark in the city that is called " the land of biryani"

11. A program or flyer from a local event.

12. A picture of your school

13. Tickets to any movie or a rock show

14. Cititaxi and Ambulance phone numbers

15. A copy of the local kannada newspaper.

16. The phone numbers of the local police department, which residents of our apartment complex should call in case of emergency

17. Any library card.

18. A shopping bag from any local mall

19. A picture of the national bird
20. When she screams, the whole world can hear,
But only ones who should Turns a deaf ear.
She sings while she cooks
But her husband gives her a dity look

This woman's greatest idol of her time, sat in front rows, whistled while watching his movies
Confirm the woman's name, her idol and get the idol's latest movie's picture

21. The last clue is with the the person whose name rhymes with a welcome greeting...( answer was Sai)
Who is this person's mother's , husbands, mother's ,son's ,father's ,wife's husband. Take the clue from him

. 4- Standing tall in blue, walks up and down
To see that all things inside stays inside and
Nothing from outside goes inside
We're really greatful he's there.

Say ' Thank You' before you take anything from him...

5. He sees that all things function in a perfect routine, order and he's always down under...

6 BOOGIE!!!!!! Solve this cryptogram


1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 0 1 2....... 6 7 ......... 0 - - - 5 6

--- --- --- ---- ---- --- --- --- --- --- ---- ----- ----
1 6 0 4 1 3 2 5 8 1 ( 303 was written in kannada script )


The younger lot in the age group of 2-8 had to collect items with names starting with all the letters of the alphabet....

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UL said...

this is really neat prats... i loved the way you orgaized this... thank you.