Wednesday, February 13, 2008

The Opportunity to Choose Love!!

It may be easy to look around our world today and see the appearance of chaos, difficulty and strife. Yet, when we come from an open heart, we can also see our opportunity to love all things into balance, joy, harmony and peace.

When we bring unconditional love back into our personal, professional, community and family lives, we begin the journey of restoring wholeness and happiness to our planetary adventure. Of course it takes determined effort on our part as the old ways of being are quick to return in our mind. However, this effort to love is rewarded with a new perspective on everything and all life benefits as a result

Our lives are weighed down with past memories and expectations from the future. How can we let go of all that clutter and live life spontaneously? We feel burdened not because of our present but because of the past hanging around our neck like a heavy stone.

And when I look back and think of all the little things that makes us love or be loved, it gives me a smile

I was thinking of all the little things that makes me smile, those small things that keeps retracing its steps back into my memory.

It is the -

Crisp air early morning that brushes its presence on my face…still sleepy but nevertheless awaiting the feeling.

Endless thank yous I get from my kids, each time I buy them the gift that they have always wanted, secretly dropped hints and sometimes very directly screamed into my ears….but when they do get their gift as a surprise, the glow on their face and the “thank you ma!, thank you!! “ it makes my heart sing a song. Not because they said their thank you, but because their heart was singing.

The phone call that I get from a very close friend, when I least expect but most needed It sure lifts my spirits

When I see the one book that I’ve been wanting for ages, and there it is right in front of my eyes…

I receive a card from my father for my birthday, with the money all in crisp, fresh notes. Its not the money, but now it has begun to represent my dad for me…He can never increase the amount. It should remain the 100rs that he started off with when I was a smaller child.

The momma moments that can never be replaced or exchanged by the father. He’ll never accept it, saying he has his moments too…but mine are so special to me.

The look on my sons’ face when he wins a prize, the beaming smile and pride in his voice, makes me cry…and laugh and swell with pride too…
The rare occasions when the older son helps his younger brother or stands up for him during kiddie fights, when he thinks I am not aware of it.

When my younger one eats something that I’ve made and says “awesome” …I don’t need any rewards after that.

Each time I walk out of the house and have a small hand hug my legs, and say “ Love uuuu” and turn around to see that they belong to a neighbours kids…aawww

When my friends pick up on every sigh and sniff and call up to just catch up. That’s what I’d call love

The memories of how the boys in our graduate class, bought small baskets of chocolates and a flower each for their classmates. That sure was so touching.

When the little ones, draw a little heart with an arrow pierced inside to show their love, it is so cute, though if it were to be done by an older person I would freak.

And when you see sunshine in the eyes of your loved one…that’s love! Leave things of your past behind and look forward to a life of love and happiness.

So many more that I’ll start needing more than this space…

Do you have anything that would define such moments..?

For all those who walk into this space …
I’d like to wish



Compassion Unlimitted said...

That was a beautiful garland of thoughts,which simply came out from the bottom of your heart..Wonderful you could recollect and pen it down !And you say you have more of them !! You should have said them all !!
//It should remain the 100rs that he started off with when I was a smaller child.//
But I thought ,from the above,you are successfully retaining the child in you,a smaller child then and perhaps a child be thats the success..keep writing
Bangalore was as hot as Chennai !!

Thinking aloud said...

hey prats, I knew the wise owl would turn senti today...and that she would post something!!! :D

...but what a beautiful, beautiful list...aren't these moments to treasure and enjoy?

I swear, the kids really twist us around their lil fingers and don't we just love it all...

happy memories to you and many many more

...and yes, every day is a valentine's day!!! :D

Preethi said...

this was so beautiful... i knew i could expect a heart warming post from you today aahaa!!
that was a lovely treasure trove.. have a wonderful valentine's day!!

UL said...

let me add my wishes, hope you have a wonderful V! very beautiful post.

--xh-- said...

wow, beautiful post of beautiful moments, prats. the beauty of those moments will stay etched in our heart, warming oy=ur hart against the cold wind of the world outside. Wish you a happy V day, pratz.

Prats said...

@CU thank you. It'll keep coming out in some way or the other...I guess thats what we're all made up off....

heheh Now its back to being the cool bengaluru again

@TA heheh senti, mmmm wise, I don't know :))
Kids do that to me...I'm just a bundle of sentiments around them.
And hey, yes!! every day is a special Valentine day.

Prats said...

@preethi Thanks preethi...I knew you'd relate to this...

@ul Thanks and should wish that you have great times ahead

@kx Aaaw that was so heartening. Thank you so much. Lets spread it around

Guruprasad said...

just loved this post....

and i do agree about the momma moments... my kids do it to their momma and i do envy her sometimes. so whenever they are hurt or scared or hungry... its usually the momma they turn to!

whether you believe in valentine's day or not, to love and be loved is the greatest blessing of human existence! may each day of your life be abundantly blessed!

Tys on Ice said...

can i add one ?

whn u get home and find that ur 4 yr old son and wife has made a valentine card for u using read paper and crushed tissue paper...

life is good when u are loved

J said...

Nicely put Prats.. Wishing you many more such moments.


Prats said...

@guruprasad Thanks. Yes mommas are the ones they turn to cos she must have always been around when they have had their falls. But I know that we cannot take the place of the father in terms of attachment....for them the father will always remain their hero.

@tys. Awww of course this should be added...and that was so sure you must be all glowing with that card....

@j cheers to that.

Neera said...

Lovely!! The most pleasurable moments in life are the simplest everyday things that make your heart sing and make you happy like nothing else does. Your post is my happy moment today :)

Thanks for dropping by my blog!

Happy Valentines Day!

Prats said...

@neera welcome here! and thank you.
It is surely those small littlest things which we pay little attention to, dat really brightens our lives.
keep dropping in

Vinesh said...

Prats - that was the most beautiful post I've read in your blog! Reading and re-reading! :-)

Happy Valentine's Day!

Prats said...

@vinesh Thanks that was a sweet thing to say. And wish you have a great time too...

rayshma said...

wish u a wonderful, albeit slightly belated Valentine's Day too! hope u had a great day!
it's such a beautiful list.... :)

oormila vijayakrishnan said...

Hey, that was very moving! sniff sniff. Heart warming! Wishing you many many more of these beautiful epiphanies... :-)

vEENs said...

For me,
when I get a much wanted hug. Maybe the other person doesn't know it, but a hug always cheers me up. The warmth and the smell of another human being... hmmm I love that! esp if it is from dad!

then when people genuinely miss me.. I guess thats when I realize that I did in some small ways make a difference.

when people come to my blog and say that my post was a reason for them to smile and laugh.. I wish I I could do that forever and ever.

and lots more!

I guess.... I feel warm and nice afer reading this.. maybe it is time for me to let go.. of the past..

after all.. itz a new day!