Monday, February 25, 2008

It cuts like a knife - give me a second chance!

Papers folded, screens shut down
fingers splayed on tired eyes!
Am I tired or am I excited?
My eyes look beyond!
I’m going home to see you smile

Crowded trains, mucky platforms
Sweaty odors, nudging past!
An air of joy
For me to behold,
I’m going home to see you smile

Keys pushed into the slot
Door swings ajar,
Anticipation brushes past the knob
The lights are on,
I’ve come home to see you smile

Worries left behind,
Meals to be had on time,
Aching to hear your voice
Leaving my pains with time!
I’ve come home to see you smile

You hear my footsteps
Turn around to acknowledge
Nod your head and turn back to time
Click on the keys to watch the characters’scene
I’m waiting to see you smile

Silence! You say,
Can’t talk for a while,
Am I an intruder to keep me aside
I ache to hear your voice
But do you want to see me and smile?

They say ‘Silence speaks louder than words’
Am I not hearing those voices,
Or have I gone horribly wrong?
Give me one more chance
I just want to see your eyes smile.

Yes, she always will remember that!!! He had said it it was her perspective...but was it really?

Writer's island had its prompt as "second chance" and this sounded a good time to post this


Thinking aloud said...

silence can be very loud indeed...

sad and've captured the emotion so well from the excitement to the sadness...

loved the way each stanza ended...

keith hillman said...

Living alone, coming home to silence is the daily norm for me! But your poem is really quite moving - not even a smile. They do also say silence is golden, but I don't think that applied in this case.

Rambler said...

smiling eyes, very interesting and, strangely I found that very romantic.

Preethi said...

that was so poignant... no smile?? that was so sad.. silence can be quite a killer..
Loved this piece!! )

Joy said...

I think between friends and partners, silence should not be that loud. But who says life is perfect.

c e e d y said...

silence is a time to reflect....and if you can hear noises in silence then you need to really introspect you current situation.....

very well written...

amm going to blogroll you - hope its ok

Prats said...

@TA yes, indeed, and especially when the need isn't there. Thanks

@keith. I guess when you come home to yourself, there isn't any expectation, but here she wanted the one thing, and that was a smile not silence

@rambler Thanks. It actually forms part of her romance.

@preethi Oh yes, silence can be a killer when not wanted and when there is no explanation to it.

Prats said...

@joy I also think that in partnership, there are a lot of expectations even though there shouldn't be one. This brings about the silence and the noise too :)

@ceedy Silence does really need to be introspected when it wasn't supposed to be there...but it can always be a part of another dimension.
And hey, you can go'll be great.

Ps said...

beautifully expressed.
Silence can be KILLING (at least for me)Worst is when you know that this silence is permanent :( :(

gautami tripathy said...

No wonder there is this phrase deafening silence!

prove my love

Prats said...

@ps so true...sometimes, if the reason for silence is unknown it can be really hurtful

@gautami Deafening , yes, so true...

Ziah said...

For once, I have nothing to say....

Guruprasad said...

but i've also noticed silence is beautiful at times when two people, fulfilled in each other, can just sit/lie together without a word being spoken, without any need to be spoken. that silence is magical.

UL said...

oh beautiful...extreme opposites are so chilling, but i would pick silence over unkind words any day...or would I?

Prats said...

@ziah :) I guess silence really can be like that.

@guruprasad Yes so true...that silence,you really would love to crave for and cherish...but here its more like its filled with unspoken complaints...

@ul Yes, it can be scary. But choosing one over the other depends on the situation. I doubt if one can be restrictive in opinions there...

c e e d y said...

thats an assumption you are making - that it need not be there....

why did it occur then ./.

yes the answer lies in another dimension :)

Prats said...

@ceedy....The assumption is in hearing the noise amidst silence...but if it isn't there then its just silent...but like u said...another dimension