Monday, March 3, 2008

Trust empowers!!

In response to the weeks prompt at writer's island "Empowerment" The second one was rivalry.
In the regular humdrum of a marraige, where one spouse tries to make a rival out of the show their power...there can only be one thing said...and I chose to put it down in these lines!!

Oh! woman, you are'nt so weak
pray tell me
what makes you seek?
The pain of sacrifice
or the joy of compromise?

Do you feel the need
to live out your dreams?
or do you think
its all in the reams?

I'm sure there is a way
to make your needs be understood
You don't need to squabble
on all things assumed.

You have to make him think
or just plain talk till he's pink
He's as soft as butter
oh woman! He sure loves ,
the love that you bring.

Don't ponder on your thoughts
Give him all the respect you've got.
Trust him to take your hand;
But let him give you a free hand

He's a gentle soul
you've known that from before,
So what makes you imagine
He'll not support you from within

Live on! Its your dream
Live it with him
and watch it blooming
As the bud blossoms,
so will you be glowing!

Empowered as you are
Enigmatic beauty within.
Walk alongside to know
That there is ecstacy with him

Love does not seek to dominate:
it only seeks to surrender
Relinquish the supremacy called-ego
The need will arise,
And you will let go!


--xh-- said...

itz really nice :-D and yeah - who told women is weak? no chance - both women and man are equal :) like the way you put across the message in those line :)

Thinking aloud said...

**Love does not seek to dominate:
it only seeks to surrender
Relinquish the supremacy called-ego

...words needed to be practised on both ends, prats...and so needed in these times...

very nice take on the prompt...

keith hillman said...

'Love does not seek to dominate:
it only seeks to surrender'

Interesting thought! You seenm to have strong feelings on this subject. Nice post.

Rambler said...

Empowered as you are
Enigmatic beauty within.
Walk alongside to know
That there is ecstacy with him

ah very nice!

J said...

:) Wow prats.. you becoming a pro at poetry!!

Good stuff.

Prats said...

@xh Thanks and yes, both are equal, and equally strong

@TA so true....its like clapping you need both hands to clap... Thank you

@keith Thanks Keith. I wouldn't know about strong, but independence does take me there. Always wanted equality in the mind for the genders...

Prats said...

@rambler Thanks for that....the mystery of the woman needs to compliment the physical strength of the man...

@j Gee thanks J, pro....oh!!! thats something really big for me.. *blushes*

Ps said...

Do not know if it is weakness or fear of the unknown that is making one compromise.Love is of all kinds--but i guess the purest is one that is unselfish and without expectations.

What you wrote here can make a lovely song.

Preethi said...

Beautiful as always... Loved the final 2 paragraphs he secret of success!

Read my take - Empowered

Sumana said...

It takes a touched soul to think like this very well poeted. Forgiveness, ego is so much a part and parcel of the humdrum.

Adorable Pancreas said...

You're going to kill me (and rightfully so). I hate poetry! Sorry. :(

Prats said...

@preethi Thats right...IMO, when a compromise is made much against the wishes, then the probelms will begin...
Thanks for the singing compliment :D

@preethi Thanks and loved your take on this too

@sumana So true....and if that is there as the ingredients ina relationship....i'm sure nothing really bad can happen

@adorable....not at all.....ecah one has his opinion and likes....I wont go around killing you for was so sweet of you to drop in, inspite of your exams....thank you.

vEENs said...

When poele are writing hate posts about the opp gender.. this is a welcome post and a lovely one!

thank u .. because it really makes me feel what it should make me feel..



Keshi said...



c e e d y said...

good poem....but when in a relation if either of the partner feels the need to be "empowered" then there is an underlying issue...
have you wondered from the opposite perspective - when one gives all attention and freedom - one gets labelled and questioned-"you dont love me anymore- you never nag!!!"

Gazal said...

its all about empowering each other in situations where one person needs to sacrifice for the other.stepping back a little,is not submission but love.

great post.

anthonynorth said...

Some very true words here. Real love empowers both, together.

Prats said...

@veens Thank you. Its all in our own mind....we feel empowered according to our own abilities.

@keshi Thanks babes

Prats said...

@ceedy What you say holds good if there is a problem and one is addressing it. Here it was the case of a woman who thinks she is weak and therefore needs to build her confidence levels to meet that requirement.

@gazal Thats so true.....steeping back to give the other really love...thanks

@anthony Thanks and welcome here...

c e e d y said...

i reread it...maybe it was my mind that seeked that answer itself...

but you are right that it is SHE who needs that strength...

just my question though : (am not arguing here) just trying to understand....

if the woman does what she is doing - basically giving herself 100% to seek that esctatic journey - what if he defaults....and say does not respond in the same way as before...what then

if you think i am asking too many question - jsut let me know....

Mez said...

Veens has left a dedication for u:


I love everr thing about yu! Your positive attitude and everr thing.. and yur latest post is the BEST!


Guruprasad said...

hmmm... a poetess too??? wow!

you ask her to trust him and walk along with him. but what if he is a boor and asks her to stay two steps behind?

you can only trust someone who's trustworthy right? but what if you are caught in a marriage where your hubby does not share your lofty ideals?

Prats said...

@ceedy....if he defaults, its upto her to look at her life in terms of wanting to achieve it on her own, or if she is happy with what little support she gets.
Some can be really happy as long as they get some kind of support be it emotional...or else she needs to talk it through with him.
Wonder if this is the answer?
And its ok to ask...I should be fit enough to answer it right.

c e e d y said...



Some questions in life have no answers....thats why life is a mystery

Prats said...

@mez Thanks Mez, just went across and replied....that was so sweet of Veens

@guruprasad. Not every partnership is perfect. Its upto the partners to understand the needs. Some times they go along and stay those 2 steps behind, but there are times when those 2 steps forward could be the cause of a lot of distress in their relationship....its upto them to work it out, or else it could lead to unsatisfied needs.....which could be the start of a rolelr coaster...

Keshi said...

**Love does not seek to dominate:
it only seeks to surrender

OMG I love that line! Its so true.

U wrote this? U r beautiful!


Keshi said...

tnxx Prats, I read and commented in that post of ur's abt Opinionated ppl. That was a GREAT read!



Prats said...

@keshi Thanks so much babes....I can say the same about you...and loved your latest post :)

dailyrium said...

Do you feel the need to live out your dreams?
or do you think its all in the reams?

i think these are the best lines! and very very insightful i must add. well said prats!

Prats said...

@dailyrium Thank you so much. :)

Keshi said...

well ur such a great writer WOW!

I luv ya too..I like honest ppl..not fakes. And I know ur a very honest person. HUGS!