Friday, March 7, 2008

Oh Boy!!!

I would there were no age between ten and three-and-twenty, or that youth would sleep out the rest; for there is nothing in the between but getting wenches with child, wronging the anciently, stealing, fighting.William Shakespeare

“ You only teach him. You never teach me!!”, said R

“Of course not!, I’ve been sitting with you, not him ,since morning!“ said I.

“ Ma!! Can I write this only 3 times and not five?” And all the while he’s playing with the paper pellets and rubber band…(He’s watched his elder brother play with it).There is a book filled with questions…his latest quiz book, he says!! In front of him there is an assortment of erasers, pencils and a pen too in that pile up.

“Why should he always do what I do? He’s mad , Ma.. "I can see smoke coming out of his ears by now…( Didn’t ever know that copying the brother’s actions , mark one as mad!!)

I’m learning well. Yes I am.

All the while I’m supervising my older one’s subjects, I find the younger one furiously writing something, his ears carefully trained and directed towards us.
And then suddenly a screech erupts from that direction.
The older one has jumped out of his position to go see what the brother is upto. Not surprising , he gets furious…
The younger has been religiously writing down all the species, generic, modified root names that I’ve been teaching the older one. What gets his goat, is that he had made spelling mistakes.

“How dumb, Ma! He doesn’t know the spelling of calyx, and corolla……”

Is that all a part of being grown up? He’s not even a teenager. The anger, the aggression in him spells trouble the minute both are in the same room.
I have always prided myself in the simple fact that I hated unfair situations…and have always been fair and just.
Where did I go wrong? I know that I’m not being unfair. In fact him being in an older class, gets more attention , while the younger one is always on a picnic to someplace unknown to me..

Is it so difficult to get across one simple instruction without getting into the war game?

Why is it that when I see him interact with his friends and other elders, he’s so sweet and polite, I have them coming and telling me that they really admire my child. He is one. I know that.
He’s so sensitive and warm and loving. He can not see anyone in distress and he’s always the first to help . But once he enters the house, he turns into a smoke puffing, eye glowing red faced boy.
Have tried all kinds of text book techniques.
The special ‘his’ time with me.

Sometimes, I feel like giving him one sound whack!! (Won’t think of it…)

We were never like this when that age. And our parents were much more orthodox in their upbringing. We respected them to such an extent, that we even now think twice before arguing with them. We argued, but there was never aggression.

He is in an overactive state of emotion most of the time. It doesn’t take much to bring them to the point of exasperation. He’s more like a fortress with high walls and a locked gate — impenetrable.

Why then, did this happen to me?
Little wonder, that inspite of getting stressed out over who should be taught when,
who should be out of sight when
Who should sit next to me when
Who should hug me when
Who should talk to me when
Stress over should it be Obama or is it going to be Clinton…takes the last priority.

Can I run away?? Please??
Suggestions for the best place would be welcome!!

p.s I'm also listening too all their kinds of music..though I can't understand half of their words :(

But I liked that Timberland song though One love-republic (Hope I got that right?)

And then this song, which happens to be R's favourite right now.


vEENs said...

Y do I feel you are talking abt me.. :)
Yeah I was like this too.. ! dnt know why.. I think i still am :-|

Guess my mom might have wrote the same post..about me :(

I dnt know serious Prats.. I guess.. some kids incl me are like that.. there is a mode button smewhere... that sets and resets :(

Aarthi said...

Hmm...talent lies in tackle it...:) Happy Women's Day..Have a surprise for u in my blog..:)

Ziah said...

Hey Girlie:) What happened to that reservoir of patience?? I'm sure things will iron out. Do the kids like something in common?

As far as the music is concerned... they do have common taste with Viv - though I didnt like that Timbaland track (One Republic - Apologize)... the others are sooo foot tapping:)

--xh-- said...

fight btw siblings... when i read this, i thought about my study room for a moment - almost same scenes there too... :) but, though we used to fight, we always bonded well, and are perfect partern in crime ;-)
so, dont worry much abt it - just try to kjeep it in aresonable leavel...

Rambler said...

ah growing up sounds so much fun :)

J said...

Lol!! I'd love to see you write a post when they are 20 something :D

Thinking aloud said...

hey prats, can i come with you...?

btw, we have the SST exams on Monday and guess what? one absent minded boy just finds out that 'perhaps' he has left his text book in SCHOOL!!!

and teh whole scene is like u have peeped into my home...and u know R has to let off steam somewhere? let it be at home instead of somwhere you would rather not have him be...!!!

and, where are we running off to?

Preethi said...

Prats - Its called Pre-teen.. we were also like that... I remember driving my mom crazy!! So don't worry it will pass!!

Preethi said...

Prats - Its called Pre-teen.. we were also like that... I remember driving my mom crazy!! So don't worry it will pass!!

Prats said...

@veens Is it? So you think there is hope for me??
I hope so truly.

@aarthi Thank you so much for all those goodies...will come across and get them :)
And happy women's day to you too

@ziah See I knoew I had got the song wrong too...I heard it again this morning...and stil can't understand anything...I prefer all my old, sob sop songs...
My patience is still there....but it doesn't seem to be as effective though

@xh Keep praying that it shouldn't escalate....and you say its ok to eb like dat??? so there is some hope

@rambler. Yes, I would really like theirs to be fun not filled with justice dramas....

@j lol, You think they'd even know me by then :(

@TA Sure you can babes...always room for more..
I understand that last minute stress...Mine was having doubts about his syllabus at 11 in the night now...Felt like deja vu...and took me back to my college days...
And you're rigth, thinking about it...its better he hollers at home than anyplace else

@preethi In fact we were naughty...but somehow I don't remember being so arrogant and aggressive...

Joy said...

Prats: take a deep breath and have a cuppa coffee.

~nm said...

I loved the strips..err...I mean comic strips :P