Friday, April 11, 2008

The why? chromosome...

The relationship between men and women has always been a love-hate type. Isn't it true?

Men!!! we would love to hate them just as much as we love to love them. I just can't hate any person. I can only dislike some of their habits or their ways. Aren't we all doing something that can bother another person. If one were to be living a life where every action of his/hers is loved by others, then maybe there is a catch somewhere.

So when Joy tagged me on the 'list' of things I hate about the opposite gender, all I could think of is the cold wars, the glares and humpfff ,i'd get from the ones I write about. But I'll go ahead and let out the small bits that ruffle my smooth feathers..I thought i'd have a long list, but somehow its not that bad....

1.Constructive criticism: Well, it's hard for me to shut up. I'm sure there are some who'll agree totally with that here.To women, nagging feels like the most logical thing in the world," says Michele Weiner-Davis, M.S.W., author of Divorce Busting. "We think, If some­one isn't doing what I asked, they must not have heard me. So we say it again. And then we say it louder." And when it gets really loud, i'll get to hear "Stop nagging"
But then why don't these men or the boys just do what is asked?

2. After all, being Command Central of the Domestic Universe isn't exactly a glamorous job — no pay, limited respect. In fact, I'm now planning a leave of absence: Next Sunday, I'm kicking the remote off the couch and taking a nap myself. Oh is it Friday already???
Now when I finally decided this, I realise that there are chores to be finished before taking that nap. But the men in my household dont see that nor do they look for it. What is it with them , that they like living in a dump?? I don't see them walking out of the door, with dirty clothes or hair out of place...I can smell the whiff of deoderant, their gels and the crisp shirts which i'm sure all of them love to wear (however much they won't say it loud).

3. Its very often told that they just wont go asking for directions. Yes!!!!!! they wont. Try telling them that they've not gotten on the right road, then you'll see daggers....or better still they might turn the tables saying 'we distracted them with our nagging'.All you need to do is roll down the window and ask the bored guy standing on the street, who I know for sure, would love to talk to any one at that point of what if its just to tell the other directions, that might not go anywhere. Why men can't stop and ask for direction till it's 40 kms into the wrong direction?! Like, isn't it more sensible to just ask for directions? You save on time, petrol and energy AND LOTS OF NAGGING :D

4. Sleep! They work a hard week, slogging over deadlines, meeting with ill tempered colleagues or whatever...when they get back home and get a chance to get a shut eye...thats what they do, shut it off completely. And pigs can go fly kites, but nothing will wake them up...unless of course their cellphone and go back to sleep :(. They can sleep through the day, how do they do it???

5.A heart-to-heart conversation with the partner may not be an equal trade, after all, since in the currency of emotions, a woman's feelings are worth much less. Have you ever seen a man cry? A man bursts into tears after a tough day at the office and concerned co-workers rush to support him, if a woman were to do it..her distress is barely acknowledged. Yes, I know we women can be real sob stories, but we are being true to our feelings. We live our sadness in total authenticity. We reach out ...but what is it with men, who think they are macho only if they drown within their own lava of emotions?
Men show anger and stubbornness and it is expected of them, but just when the woman lets out her soul rendering scream, she's thought to have lost it??

6. Would it kill to remember? They remember the names of cricketers from Bangladesh and the scores each player has made, but cannot for the life of them remember birthdays, anniversaries and buying gifts. What kind of selective memory is that?

7. Birth rights! : They have a birth right over the Remote control. Seems it is more like a manly symbol that they need to carry around at home, I guess. I can often see my hubby hanging around acting like a lost puppy,if i'm watching some dumb serial on television...the minute I switch off, and walk out, he's with the remote, like his life depends on it ..spaced out but still
watching those faded colored english movies...And the Musical Channels/Remote Control game -- we might as well give up.
That will never end. I still have to watch one entire movie or listen to a full song at one go.

8. Wow!! man!! what a hunk!! I 've heard this once too often, and yes, it'll be the woman saying it...openly to her own partner.
But have you heard of a man doing that??? OGLING!!!! They love to ogle at women ..and when asked if they noticed how pretty she was, or what lovely shoes she was wearing, they'll act totally ignorant. I'm sure they would have sized her up in totality in a few seconds. They have that duh!! who??? where? look.

9.We all know that men are the kings of annoying games. Who else gets continuous entertainment from Noisy Bodily Functions Games? Who else could live off of beer and playstation? Who else can scan every channel on the t.v. faster than light? Who? Men that's who. There comes a point in life that the "boys" that play these annoying games grow up to be "men" and end the games, right? Wrong. many "men" do you know that still look longingly at the playstation display in the electronics store as you walk past? How many "men" still utter the phrase, "wow! what cables, it'll look good with my playstation." .
I know one too many...I had my hubby and kids ( yes, they too :( ), spending the entire day in the electronic store in Singapore, and he was still not satisfied, 6 floors and still not happy????? The stores all looked the same to me though!!

10. Romance just flew out of the window the moment the man walked in the door!!! Whats with them? He's so clueless with flowers, with gifts and more so with clothes...they look you up so many times, head to toe (ok! i'm exaggerating), but still can't get the clothes size right. Their idea of a romantic getaway would be a romantic movie...yeah! By romantic, he means the ones
in which the good guy wins, the bad guy loses, and the big, studly, macho man freak gets to hit it with whichever one of the babes he finds....but my idea of romance and his are real clash of Titans

Yes, they can be exasperating, and oh so irksome at times...yet, I'd love to be around the one. He brings out the love, the romance, the mechanic, the plumber, the cook, the terror in me...and i'm learning, and fast!! I owe it all to him..I need to make peace soon or else.....a household with 3 boys, sounds like heaven on earth right???? More women's horlicks needed to catch up with them and their 6 floors of running around.

A song to smooth ruffled feathers :)
Just love this song


Suma said...

LOLOLOLOL....prats...this was terrific...hilarious...and so very true...except perhaps for te shopping part...G is better at shopping for me than myself...:)

***Command Central of the Domestic Universe isn't exactly a glamorous job — no pay, limited respect.*** loved this line... and many more classics out there...:D

u did this tag full justice...;)

--xh-- said...

Ha ha ha.. ROTFL.. it was hilarious. :)

rayshma said...

that was really neat! :)
SO agree with the directions,... wonder how i missed that out in mine!
umm... heyy... i cud sleep all day & live off PS & beer *or maybe vodka* too! :D
and electronics to guys... are perhapes what footwear is to us! ;) hehee..! :D
loved this piece! :D

Compassion Unlimitted said...

First reaction : No comments

Second Reaction : How funny

Third Reaction : How True

Fourth Reaction : Are all men carbon copies.looks like !

Fifth reaction : is it because all all women are same


Joy said...

Great read. It was so hilarious and true. :) I loved the comic strip of the aliens in the beginning. I can't agree more on their selective memory.

Gazal said...

i agree with every single point you have can men be so similar and yet be so different??

loved this post...

btw...did attempt this tag too...loved doing it

Prats said...

@suma :D thank you. You really let G do the shopping, wow!

Prats said...

@xh Hey, thanks. And i'm sure you're agreeing with all this ;)

Prats said...

@rayshma Thanks and yes, I have missed out a few too...but i'm sure it'll crop up somewhere...heheh. But you could sleep all day...aaawww...I wish I could do that...but i'd land up feeling guilty the rest of my life :(

Prats said...

@joy Thanks. And look what you made me the end I was like "God! I hope I don't get banned from here".

Prats said...

@GAZAL. yes! they are so similar aren't they? It was fun though doing this yes.

Compassion Unlimitted said...

Hey.Where is my comment gone..Anyhow will leave the gist of the same again..Why are all men same because all women are same..he waiting for brickbats

b said...

You always make me laugh! This was so wonderful...The WHY Chromosome. Yes i have wondered too...for 47 years. Sigh!:-)

Prats said...

@CU I'm so sorry about he comment disappearing..all my fault. It went into hiding and I didn't know how to get that back... (blame it on tech maladies..

Men sure are easy to understand, they havent changed much ...but isn't there a saying that understanding a woman needs a lifetime :D

Thanks for reminding me

Prats said...

@b Its been a while since you've come here .Thank you. Yes, and I wonder if we will ever stop asking the WHY?

Sumana said...

Ah i realise, everyone needs to get this out and certainly do a tag. Isnt it relaxing???? Perfectly said..I love the remote one and the romantic idea one. Selective memory you bet.

Ziah said...

Isn't it amazing? The best thing about men is the ability to be generalized? Low Lifes. Gah!:)

Nice Tag!:)

c e e d y said...

that was funny.......ab kya kare hum hai kuch aise ;)

it is the difference that spices up life - if both were the same - how boring....

well written - the only difference is I guess most of this is true probably in India - here guys share almost 50% burden of everything....many I know of - even remote ;)

Madhumita. said...

Prats I agree on so many levels that I think my head will fall off with all the inadvertent nodding through-out your post! :D

But it feels sooo good to know that its not just me suffering I tell you!

Prats said...

@sumana...oh therapy. :D.
You must try it havent written a post for a long time...start on this

Prats said...

@ziah...generalized versions...hehhe...but they can be so different too...look how different they are from us women ;)

Nice seeing you back here after the travel, work hiatus..

Prats said...

@ceedy But please remain that way..:D Or else how do you expect so many posts from us women bloggers;)

So the ones in US will now have to fight for remote space???? heheh

Prats said...

@madhu lol!!! Oh no...please hold onto your head...I dont want to be responsible for cricks...and we all suffer the men!!!! hheehh I hope Tys doesn't hear of this ;) He'll hunt me down, while sky diving...

pruthvi said...


Nice one, cant stop appreciating your literary skills, hats off.

Your topics also give women a chance to add and say "exactly what i was thinking" and the men to say "here she goes again".

Either way, i also say that you have a positive way to vent things out from within.

Even Freud was not able to discover the mind of a woman all his life but you ahev analysed a male life within your thirties (i guess)


pruthvi said...


Nice one, cant stop appreciating your literary skills, hats off.

Your topics also give women a chance to add and say "exactly what i was thinking" and the men to say "here she goes again".

Either way, i also say that you have a positive way to vent things out from within.

Even Freud was not able to discover the mind of a woman all his life but you ahev analysed a male life within your thirties (i guess)