Friday, November 14, 2008

Smile and the world smiles with you!! :)

For all the children, whose minds are so pure, thoughts are so fresh...
For all the mother's whose brains get refreshed
every second, thanks to the lovely children

For all the grandparents whose childhood
springs to life, at the very sight
of the children flitting across like butterflies!

For the influences, that scatter across the world,
the media, the cartoons,
the much misunderstood computer games
The never cease to amaze, playstations, gameboys...

They make my child smile, they make my child run
I thank the influences, without which
i'd have no stories to spin

Every evening while I wait
for that moment, when the van gets into the gate
I search amidst dirty faces, and browned hands

The most wonderful sight
The sight of that one lovely smile
The grin that tells me to forget
the bad that went by and look forward
to the most amazing of all creation

This i'd like to say and wish

HaPPy ChILbrEN'S D a Y!!!

save that child in you...its far more precious!!
And just to bring back some childhood memories, and for all those who might not have seen this
Must watch

Ek Chidiya - Awesome Cartoon Video - More free videos are here


Karthik S said...

Its so sad that as an adult we forget the child in us. These kind of videos help us to keep the child alive. Wonderful video.
Thanks for sharing.

Cheers :-)

rayshma said...

'aaappppy childrens day!!! :)))
i louve the vid! :D had blogged it looonnnggg back! :D

and ess, will not let the child in me die. also, shall not let my clients chance upon my childishness :D

Pavi!!!! said...

Beautifully written Prats!

just this mornin i woke up and was asking my ma for the customary bar of choc n hug that she has given my sis n me.. EVERY childrens days..xcept last yr n this:(thnx to distance!

The memories of how school celebrated childrens day is so fresh in my mind.. fun times they were!!

Yes Wishin all the children and all the hidden children in adults a Very happy Children's day !:)

Rambler said...

happy children's day to you too, and too all others who have a child hidden in themselves

Preethi said...

Living here.. I had forgotten this day.. thanks for reminding me.. and yes that smile is priceless!

Joy said...

Happy Children's day!!! I remember that video so well. I grew u watching it before the cable TV invasion.

Ps said...

Oh yes--Long live the ineer child in us!!
Nice poem you wrote.
Happy childrens day prats.

brocasarea said...

we celebrated the childrens day too in our paeds department..:)....

rm said...

there are days when i wonder/wish
childhood pass by quickly and leave me sane. and these words make me pause and think .
i go back to enjoy those childhood around me and in me. thanks.

Suma said...

the poem's very nice...and i remember that video..sort of grew up listening to it

Mama - Mia said...


so so true and beautiful!

and yes, its so important to make sure that the child in us stays alive. that a colourful butterfly makes us smile or the swing invites us to take another fun ride! :)