Thursday, November 20, 2008

Prescription doses!!

We're conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments.
But great moments often catch us unaware-beautifully wrapped in what others may consider a small one.

A hug, a loving glance, a simple thank you.

The holding of hands, the fleeting kiss.

The child's unfailing trust in the mother,

A parent's never ending need to see their child smile.
So many simple moments that bring on that smile.

A misunderstanding between friends, ones who never knew ,the need for permissions. Ones, who always were there for each other. Times when reality blended into memories, loved and cherished.

A misunderstanding breaks it apart.....stretches the distance, and life goes on...leaving behind many more hurt souls...their friends and loved ones....caught in the web of uncertainty. Pulled between two people they will always love, and have never wanted to see them grow apart.

Time heals they say...but what is the recommended dose, no one mentioned??

wish they did...

Reminds me of this story :
"Let's say you accidentally chop off your finger while preparing dinner. If you get to the doctor in time, the finger can be re-attached and there is a high chance you can regain most of the finger's functionality, albeit with a little scarring. However, if you leave it and take your time to get to the hospital, the finger becomes permanently severed and the damage thus becomes permanent."

'cos such are the great moments, which will be cherished, beautifully wrapped...when one of the friends is willing to stretch out their hand...its truly a loved moment.

Have you had a such a moment??


rm said...

hmmmm truthfully i have not yet taken it to the hospital. wrapped in silence that part of finger is still there..leaving me wondering whether it will be normal when i finally take it to fix...

it was a beutiful post full of truths..

brocasarea said...

reminds me of this small story which i had read long back....
"The child says:
'When I am a big boy.' But what is that? The big boy says: 'When I grow up.' And then,
grown up, he says: 'When I get married.' But to be married, what is that after all? The
thought changes to 'When I'm able to retire." And then, when retirement comes, he
looks back over the landscape traversed; a cold wind seems to sweep over it; somehow
he has missed it all, and it is gone. Life, we learn too late, is in the living, in the tissue
of every day and hour."

--xh-- said...

yeah.. have had lot of beautiful moments in my life like that :) thnx for making me remember them again...

Rambler said...

hmm I am kind of too pessimistic when it comes to mending of broken fingers, I guess I always have a feeling that we have run out of time.

Joy said...

I have relaised affection of others in the most unaware times and been thankful to life.

True, life gives us moments in small packages which can hold us for a life time.

Nice post, Prats.

Pavi!!!! said...

Good God Prats..its almost like u knew wat was happenin in my life n knew xactly wat was goin on in my mind abt it n then chose to write this post...! makes me feel as if God is sendin me this msg thru' u...Thank You!

well, i hope i muster up the courage to create the kinda moment u've spoken abt soon.

n ya The truth is time doesn't really just makes one get used to certain things..n then the distance becomes bigger bigger before one realizes it :|

rayshma said...

did blogger eat my comment?
don't publish this if u've got the other one! :(

Prats said...

@rm It might not get normal, but at least it'll get better than what it was go ahead and mend it.
Thanks, take care

Prats said...

@broca...perfectly said in he in the present and not allowing the past to shadow it, is always more positive

Prats said... are indeed lucky, and it shows you're enjoying the moments too
take care

Prats said...

@rambler You will run out of time, thats true...but wouldn't it be better if it gave better memories with lesser regrets to leave behind?
Its never too late..

Prats said...

@joy. You are fortunate...cos you recognised these moments...many times, we are unaware and then spend our time frowning

Prats said...

@pavi * makes me feel as if God is sendin me this msg thru' u...*

So you must do something isn't it??. Even if time stays still, at least the horrible distaste of regret wont be left behind..

Suma said... is in enjoying the small moments, for this is what will sustain us through...

a beautifully thought out post...

Ps said...

Yes indeed.Many such moments.
I blog about them as they are indeed worth cherishing like you aptly said!

Preethi said...

lovely post.. life is about such moments!! as for teh finger anecdote.. a bit too close to the truth for me.. did you read my ms butter fingers post?