Saturday, June 20, 2009

Blogg'ui- a state of being

Preethi from here, had to do it. Get me out of the doldrums and keep me going…Like she mentioned, its been ages ( 2 months is pretty long don’t you think for a blogger) since I wrote anything. No reasons whatsoever. It was plain blogui ( laziness to put into words in the blog what I thought and felt) . There were many times, I’d sit down and start and then catch myself in another domain altogether : either chatting away, or surfing or just plain working.

Well coming back to the task at hand…PS tagged me ( I’m sure there are somemore in the hidden corners of others blogs…I’ll take time now and go through all my unread blogs and get back ). She did a great job there, so maybe you should just read mine with less excitement, ‘cos its just plain and regular.

She’s asked me to list out 5 things about myself…That’s a tough task for me..and that too , to get out of this vacant phase…but still its a good one…at least I’ll introspect and get those cobwebs out of that mind of mine.

So here it goes.....

I love people. And this ability of mine makes me a better person at accepting them for the way they are, with all their faults and goodness. I never judge anyone hurriedly, nor will I stand back and wait for the other to be friends. I do my best to be a friend. Everyway possible...listen, talk, help, be there for them, smile with them, cry with them, get foolish with them........

I am a very 100% person. If I can’t give my 100% in a task, I try not to take it up. I’m selfish that way…’cos I tend to get very stressed when I do take up something, and then not find time to complete it, so I work hard at keeping up to my commitments. It has worked against me many times, where I juggle with millions of tasks at a time, all because of what I believe in , but I have this immense satisfaction when I complete all of them .

I don’t get bored very easily. If I’m in a situation where I’m forced to wait endlessly, I’ll find myself something to do in the meanwhile. If I’m not carrying a book, I can watch people and just observe. I can just BE. So if anyone were to come and apologize for making me wait, I’ll just tell them, that they need not stress, cos I was enjoying myself. Try it, its fun. Don’t just sit there and whine about being held up…but watch people round you, watch the traffic and form your opinions…watch the ants on the sidewalk…but watch, observe ,enjoy and smile.,…

I love eating. I’m game to trying out any kind of food. I’m a foodie, and it shows on my face. Good food, and you’ll see me enjoying it and appreciating it thoroughly. This makes me very non-fussy..You can invite me over and give me whatever…I wont complain. I know this is a good trait, ‘cos I also know how it feels when a guest gets fussy and makes noises when invited for some meal.

Oooof!!! I am not good at talking about myself…so these few were very exhausting on my brains…I’ll leave the last pointer to you’ll…let me know what you think about me..i’ll gather those thoughts and smile through..
And with all the excitement I forgot to tag others... :P
So maybe these lovely people will take it up and let me know about themselves..
Madhumita ( She's such a warm person...and it would be nice to know her some more )
Shruthi ( She's on the marathon and also very pissed and maybe I can help her a bit )
xh : He's no more a lonewolf now, and maybe the partner needs to know him more now...)
preethi from Incessant Musings ( Let's give her a break from Cheeky shall we?? )
rayshma : (Its been ages and I want to know some more)


Shruti said...

hey! :) cobwebs disappear automatically when theres a new post.. so the page is sparkling again :)
That part about getting bored.. ME TOO!! I can stand at a bus stop for an hour without getting bored. And I prefer not having anyone with me there, else they'd crib till my brains are out

mmm.. will do this tag very soon :)

Rambler said...

I am so unlike you :)..I am never a people lover :d

ceedy said...

Heheh welcome back....good to know a little about you but a do you know what you do is do you define it....I need to know for some personal reasons...your 100% could be 150 for someone and someone else will think you can still do better....:)

Suma said...

prats, you are also a person generous with your time and your heart and a great listener to rants :)
you like eating and i think you like feeding people too :)

@ ceedy

if she's satisfied with what she's done/the ffort she's pt in, then she's given HER 100%.
*that was my interpretation

ceedy said...


I think I did not express it correctly. I absolutly agree what you say about 100% and her satisfaction level.

But all these actions are for someone or something who always have a different scale - some extremly satisfied and some not all or little when this occurs do you still stand by saying I gave in 100% or change as per expectation........(dont need to answer if this is off topic)

Prats said...

@shruthi Thanks! I need more friends like you....brains rusted in those few vacant weeks.

I agree when all you need is solitude, and another person can intrude on those lovely wandering thoughts :)

Prats said...

@Rambler Different finger theory remember. :) But i'm sure you like having a few people around you?

Prats said...

@ceedy Thank you thank you!!
Well my 100% is defined by my ability to deal with the given task. If i'm not able to devote time to it, the i'd rather not take it up, cos I get very stressed if I do something half way through and leave it. That is what I meant by 100%.

Prats said...

@suma : thank you, thats so sweet of you. And yes, I love feeding people. ( How did you know that???)

@ceedy and suma...go on, i'm enjoying this exchange of idea...and thoughts :)

rayshma said...

now u're invite over to mine! :D
as long as u're not a picky eater, i can handle you! :D
and i get along really really well with ppl who like food! eating.. and feeding! :D
will do this tag in a bit...i'm also in a "don't-know-what-to-write" mode currently! :)

Suma said...

ohh..i didn't know that, just a feeling but am always willing to see if it is true ;)

Sumana said...

Hey prats, welcome back. Glad you are back, definitely long for a blogger. The poem is fantabulous just spoke so many warm thoughts right out.
I like that a person can give a 100% and be so sure he/she can do it well before. I remember those school days when my mom used to yell and say about how to do things atleast close what we can call perfect or else not to take it up. Loved and inspired by all your qualities.