Saturday, June 20, 2009

Did I ever??

I dont need a day to express what I feel for my dad,
I hardly try...I just do.
He's a special person and will always remain so
Here's a few lines i'd like to say to him
Did I ever thank you enough?
For all the times
When I was in my pigtails
Running down the rails

Did I ever thank you enough?
For the times
You held my gaze and smiled on
Not holding me back
But watching me grow

Did I ever thank you enough?
For those silent words
You sent across
Taught us to respect
And face the world

Did I ever thank you enough?
For all those wonderful moments
When my friends were made to feel
loved and respected
which for me was a very big deal!!

Did I ever thank you enough?
For guiding me too
For lending me those
little words of wisdom
that still sees me through

Did I ever thank you enough?
For showing me that
There’s more to life than what we see
That there’s laughter and happiness
And it is for us to feel.

Did I ever thank you enough?
For those beautiful cards
The ones you wrote so neatly
Letters flowed and I knew
There was much love in it.

Did I ever thank you enough
For making me what I am
For making me stronger
And making me see
That there’s more to discipline
And it is not just a need

Did I ever thank you enough
For the wonderful life
I have tried building
With all the snippets I watched
Unseen and unheard
But nevertheless handed down to me!

Thank you dad!
For just being you
You will always be dear to me
and I shall ever love you!!

For all the dads out here, i'd love to Wish you too...for the wonderful job you'll are doing at keeping the kids moist eyed and so precious for years to come. We love you, just the way you are!!!

Happy Father's Day!!!!

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ceedy said...

Good one.......dads are really half of us loving him is like loving yourself right?

Suma said...

nice, nice...i just was talking to my dad too...

so good to see you back!

rayshma said...

good to see u back.. with not one, but two awesome posts! :D

Preeti Shenoy said...

Lovely poem Prats.
Made me very sad though :(
Couldn't bear to watch the video too.

Tys on Ice said...

:) it self pity but that one made me choke up...i guess wht they say is true, you will only apprecate and understand your parents when you become one them so damn much!

Maddy said...

Thank you for those last few words.

I am sure your father is so proud of you.regards to him too.

-Father of an Angel