Saturday, December 8, 2012

Those were the days my friend!!!!

         “A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.”
                                                               ― Eudora Welty

Life is about those moments we live and laugh together and if we have even smiled for a second, remember, it has made memories to last for a lifetime.

Blast from the past some say..and I agree. Because if it wasn't then how could we remember them with such joy.

It was the year '92. 9 girls working on a project submission, staying up days and nights. Wracked with fatigue and stress and 'i'm fed up syndrome'. That's when it all started. The wish to take a break. 'Let's go to Ooty, 'let's go to Mahabalipuram', said some. Mahabs was voted out because we had been there on our study tour earlier. So Ooty it was.

Life then was bundled into few needs. The hostelites had budget on their minds, we localites had parent's permission on our
head. After a lot of stretched discussions, permissions taken and budget finalised, we set off to the bus station. (Then, this was the only option, because last minute plans, one could just land up and take a bus). So thrilled, we reached the
station only to find, the last bus out to Ooty had left :D .And now we were not going to change our plans, were we? So after a few
enquiries, we got to know that there was a chance we could go to Kodaikanal. Yeah you heard it right.But no direct buses,
so we took the one which would drop us off at the foothills and then take a local from there. (PS; If my son comes home to tell me about a trip with his friends I wonder if i'll ever be so brave because if  I could do this then, what about now?? )
Our friends (the guys) who had come off to see us, were very sceptical, seeing us mad girls setting off with no plans.They were asked to go back and let our parents know of the change of place.(That's it, no mobile phones then, nor were public phones so easily available). And we took off.
We eventually reached the destination and set out to find accomodation. Such are the memories, that one can never forget.

We have stayed in a different place each day, because we had issues with something or the other. But stay we did. With 250rs with each of us, we had such fun, that I can't equate now. Of course there were no 5star stays and lunches and stuff.
But we did have so much fun, eating friench fries, roadside food, eating in the tibetan hotels, that served the most awesome noodle soups.

This picture above was taken in the 5 star Carlton. It still stands tall in the same place right opposite the lake. We had

gone in there, wanting to use the restrooms..(clean, and very 5-starish after all), but we wont be allowed. So we ordered a
single cup of tea, and while we drank that each of us had gone in to use the restrooms, and to come out and rave about its
beauty. I cant believe we did that. We even took this picture for memories sake we had said.
One of my friends recently had said this about that trip when we were remembering those times."Big hair...baggy sweaters- good times but god awful style. Still remember the fries (finger chips) we had each night for dinner and the non-stop singing on our long bus ride back"
Yes thats what it was.
I can never forget that trip and the absolute fun we had had.

We are now planning on going back there with the same set of friends just to relive those days, but of course stay in THE CARLTON .
Its not about how much money we had or how good the rooms were in which we stayed in, we brought back memories to be
cherished, and to this day it remains.

This was a post for the 'Marathon Bloggers' and as we had decided that once a week we do a post about a certain theme, and
today it is 'Blast from the past'


AJ said...

This sure sounds like you guys had a blast, it also reminds me of going to 5 stars in weird looking clothes and ordering just one cup of coffee after browsing through the menu a gazillion times. Please do blog about the trip- part 2 once you are back. *hugs*

Aparna said...

Oh those were the days weren't they, and you've given me an idea for my post at last - Yippee :) !!

Preeti Shenoy said...

Lovely Prats!!
I also have a similar snap in front of carlton!!! :)

TypeWriterMom said...

Buying tea to use the 5-star loo ;) I remember having done that too !

Sirisha said...

Absolutely love the college days!

Pinksocks said...

Ohhh we all have done such things sometime in the past :D But its the memory of having done this with friends is what most cherished. Beautiful post

Simran said...

Beautiful post. College days are different and a lot more spontaneous and whimsical!! :) This sounded like all that and much more fun!!

Swati Raman Garg said...

hahahaaa... am sure we have all done such things ... love old pics man!

Swathika said...

Strange as it can get and true as it can be...The greatest fun was had with the best of people when there was little money...It becomes only hard as we grow up, make more money and take different paths....Good luck on your reunion...It'll be a sequel to this post ;)