Friday, December 7, 2012

The pen that writes??

The phone rings, I answer the call, need to jot down a phone number.
"Just a minute, let me find a pen"-I say

Take out the pen from the pen stand next to the phone, dang!!! It doesnt work
Take the next one, same story..the pencil too has gone missing.
This after buying and keeping 6 pens in all the penstands, I still dont have one working pen???

I still have to find the mystery behind all these missing pens. Everyone feigns ignorance and conveniently places the blame
on another.
I thought once I had my own house, this mystery could be solved because I would be in charge of keeping them in place. Its
been years now. I've bought pens on every visit to the stationery store. Feeling like a proud tiger, i've kept going back
every few hours to check. Its been there.
BUt lo! 2 days later, it disappears!!

I've just about given up now and calmly go all over the house with the phone on hold, looking for a pen that writes.
Im still in the searching mode...never to give up :(
My day 7 post for the 'Marathon bloggers'


Pinksocks said...

Ouch. The pati bought a dozen pencils so that we don't lose them for a few days

Rohini said...

Pens and socks. There is some black hole where they all go.

Swathika said...

haha...sounds like my mom...
I remember the time when my mom had a cute pen stand and had a whole lot of pens tucked in...very close to the telephone ...
But me - the culprit had used every single pen/pencil to finish my assignment or do my sketches and all the pens that stood there were inkless or went inkless because I forgot to put on the cap back on them...And her scoldings rings in my ears as I read through your post....

Aparna said...

Prats, this sounds so much like what's happening at my home all the time!

I am also famous for buying Parker pens as I LOVE writing with them, and not finding them after a week or so, have given up that one for sure :(.

Simran said...

Seriously I kept one near the fridge, one near the knick knack and notepad place, one in my bed side table but all of them have disappeared :( Wonder where they go??

WhatsInAName said...

LOL!!!!!! And I thought this happened only in my house. For me its the same story with spoons!