Monday, December 17, 2012

Age is a matter of the mind!!

Milan Kundera - "Perhaps we become aware of our age only at exceptional moments and most of the time we are ageless."

A few months ago, a friend of mine was so excited that his FB status everyday updated to the anticipation to the weekend of music. It was the NH7 Weekender. The line up of artists were so varied and such amazing artists, he said. I was so happy, and then slowly I googled and tried to see if it was going to happen in my city, so that I could do something about it. All hopes dashed down with a bun :(

A few days later though I came to know that my city was finally added as one of the venues too. And so began my planning in the head. Finally when it all fell into place..I started thinking of what to wear and stuff. Its been ages since I went to one show like this.I did go to the Enrique and other shows..but weren't they all 'my time types of music'?? OK now before you jumpt to conclusion I must tell you that having a teen at home does expose me to head banging kind of music, the trancewala,(the one'd happily die listening to), the types, that would instantly put me into a rigor mortis pose..When the 12 year old sings on the top of his voice in the care "Where have you been all my life ..aa aa aa.."..I do wonder about the lyrics too :( Im not a prude, but I still have to get used to them singing such stuff and enjoying it too, right down to the Gangnam style...(PS..He even has made me dance to that song..and it was fun, inspite of me looking like a fool)

 I was much younger then and shows were part of our growing up. But now, the story begins and ends with my boys.
I had a traditional event I was to attend for lunch that day, and so when my sister called to say they would leave in an hours time, I was all stressed. Not that I wouldnt be able to make it..I could have easily asked her to pick me up on the way, but I was all tensed..How, how can I go dressed in a salwar kameez, of all the things to a show that had heavy metal, rock, pop, and stuff...oh oh!!!? Crisis..

 And then when my sister and I got talking, we realised, that we were overthinking because, we knew this place would be filled with all teens and college kids..and 'Are we going to look like aunties'..

So I was not the only one thinking that way..but I did go, and to my surprise, the band line up was so brilliant, forgot about who was what, and where they went.. It was so lovely though to see young kids, enjoying themselves listening to music that was so not their genre..and I came back all content and at peace with myself.
Music is a healer, to our conscience, to our moods, to our self inhibitions. Let go and be there..and no one can come in the way of your joy.

My day 17th post for 'Marathon Bloggers'


Sirisha said...

Age is what you feel alrite. I have set my mind age to 21 and I refuse to grow up.. Physically I have no control :D

Pushpa Moorjani said...

To hell with age....can enjoy anytime u feel like :))

Swati Raman Garg said...

18 till i die i say!