Thursday, December 20, 2012


It's been 3 hours, since i've sat in front of the screen..and not a single word, has been penned down. I'm blank. I have a lot of topics, to write about. If I had to make a list it could become a post by itself ..But

What do I write about those ?

I'm what one would say...completely mindf*&%..

You know that feeling where, you're sad but don't know the reason why?

You want to do something, but don't have the energy to do it, only because, you haven't got the motivation. You want something, but don't know what? There are many here who are going through this. Too many incidents over the last few days, has finally overpowered our thought process.

In all this gamut of emotions..there is just that one person who can make you smile. That one friend who can say some really mundane stuff and make you laugh. Its uncanny how each time, we always find that dear person. He/she could be your neighbour, your sibling, your school friend or even maybe an online friend who you've never met before.

Some moments just create that comfort zone and you feel much better after that conversation. Some conversations, even if it is with a stranger, leaves you with that smile, a strange kind of an emotion.
I'm sure each one of us here have gone through those emotions. You don't know how or why? But that smile is back.

And just when I was writing this out, one of my neighbours (a weird one at that) on his morning walk, with his headphones plugged into his ears, just walked past my window, and all I could hear was "" Some people really give you the laughs...This is the song..

Have any of you been through such?

Marathon Blogging has been such a high..and low, but this is how we all do it..hop one over and take this journey.


Aaron said...

pungi baja kar :) hahaha

Sirisha said...

Hahaha! You did write a post and thats all that matters! you won over your mind :)

Swati Raman Garg said...

Prats.. did u read my post from yesterday, i was low just like this yesterday! no reason.. i know i know... it happens!

ßiju said...

I know the feeling but then some stranger passes by leaving a smile on our face and lightening the mood... When i am low, i look back at where i was and where i am today.. and when i am mind %$&^# ..i go of to sleep or a run..:)

Simran said...

So agree, we all go through moments where nothing makes sense and we are sad and life seems boring and a waste!! But then someone or something makes it all happy and fun again. Total roller coaster it is!! So I believe we should take it 1 day at a time on days like this. Let that day finish and there will be a new fresh one :) And you did it, you did write a post and a very interesting read at that!!!