Friday, December 14, 2012

When TIME teaches you things!!!

That fleeting moment
The spark that fires
A glance that speaks desire
Oh! mind,oh! reckless mind

It was that time of the day when Naina, sat down to answer her mails. It was her space, her moment in time. She loved to drink her tea, and dwell on her thoughts. Time always stood for moment and let her thoughts pass.
In a few hours, the rosy tinge of the sky would slowly creep into the room, and dye her curtains pink..the translucence, would let the branches of the frangipani outside cast its branches on the wall, making them dance to the music of the dawn. It was now,that she always cherished. The silence, and her aloneness. Never was she more at peace. She and her thoughts.

She had decisions to be made, the day to be scheduled, the needs of her family to be sorted out. The day was going to be routine, and she loved the regularity of the routine. The rigidity of the schedules gave her the freedom to arrange her thoughts. It wavered just like any normal woman's would. Should she, she wondered? Is it right? Am I doing the right thing, by holding on?!! What if? Why not? It was getting more complicated to simplify the memories of the past.

Trust that was broken, lies that had been uttered. Only went on to leave deeper scars. Time would heal, they had said. Not just went in deeper, and filled with more pain. She thought back to those dreams, the ones that had been woven, inside her happy mind. They had spread its wings and kept reaching out..but alas!! always to be clipped, before the bud flowered and bloomed. She had now to just live the day as it more would she dream, no more wings to be clipped. Safer she thought...carry on, and keep them happy. It is their smiles, through which she had lived her life...

She got up and drew the curtains wide...letting in the rays of the sun, bringing in the mystery of the day. She loved it, she knew, it would help her smile. Today was the day she would live for..let tomorrow arrive with its own uncertainities..its today and let me smile..and off she went, to face the day's lovely trials..

I have to, have to put in this video of my most favourite song. For its lyrics, the dance, and the emotions it brings..

This was written in response to a prompt called 'Time'

This is also my 14th day post for the 'Marathon Bloggers'...


Aaron said...

I like the video :)

Life Begins said...

Wow...what a story.Like the video..

Aparna said...

A lovely read!