Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's Monday ...but it is OK :)

DAY -3 Monday :)

So come Monday and the schools reopen and my life is going to be back to regular. I am so lookin gforward to it. Some call me crazy. Yes I am. There should be someone in this space who will like to swim against the tide and that is ME :)

When the whole world groans and moans about a weekend getting over and the Monday looming in the horizon, I get all excited.I like weekends. I am not complaining. There is a small bit of peace when you dont need to follow a rigid timetable. But the high I get from a day that is packed with energy and work, is not to be compared. After my sons started going to school, I started loving Mondays all the more. The routine, the hectic pace with which the day moves and the certainity of a pattern...that's something I thrive on. I'd rather go to bed exhausted, bone weary and hallucinating than spending a day lazing around.

Being a stay at home mom of two boys, a teen and pre teen, makes me crave for some me time. I and I get it, when i'm nose deep in my work at home on weekdays. Not for me are the lazy weekends, where there is no saying if breakfast gets eaten at lunch time or eaten at all. :(
So mad rush for the week, waking up early mornings..savouring the beautiful silence of that part of the day..the silence of the mind that gives me the chance to collect my thoughts and dreams. It has always been a favourite part of my day. and with lots of honesty I can say...

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Simran said...

Yay! I love Mondays too :) Can't wait for school to begin now. Its been too long a vacation for me and my son :)