Saturday, March 8, 2008

Yappy yappy!!! Women's day....

Oh dear Lord!!

You made me out of his ribs I heard,
Why? Were you as dormant as the man you had made before?
Did you not see that when we say we're tired,
we mean we're exhausted from doing work
be though it maybe housework.
But have you ever asked the man!! if he had brought clothes down ,
when it looked cloudy
You'd get only blunt, and clouded eye looks.

Next morning, if the shirt was missing,
'cos he had forgotten to bring the clothes inside out of the rain,
He blames the woman..
Did she bring the rain???
What were you doing up there??

When he asks for the cuppa every morning,
Do you forget the longing look in my eyes, each time I make the tea,
And i'm in faraway land, dreaming of a hand holding the cup of tea in front me??
I'm sure you'll say you forgot to add that small bit in his strong ribs.

Why did you let him think that he can think?
Oh God!!! each time I ask him to think of an answer to my problems,
He's in his own dreamworld, reading the newspaper...
oh yeah, nowadays he's found some new games to play on the psp too.
But the minute I relate an incident from my very tiring day,
He's out there, jumping and acting as if he's THE GURU!!
Did I ask him to solve it, ??

Why is it that the news should be read by him early morning,
When i'm the one who's answering all the General Knowledge questions posed by our kids?
What is it in the cereals, that makes him cringe, and always craves for the idlis and chutneys..
But when I long for that one oily vada, he says its not good for health

When I ask him , if I look fat, all I want him is to say yes!!
At least i'll have an excuse to go and huff and puff in the gym.
All you do is make him say " No , you look perfectly fine to me!! "
Now look what i've fat store, nothing left for free :(
But why is it that when I say
he looks perfectly fine in his 'similar as yesterday's' blue striped shirt,
He changes a hundred shirts and then still thinks its not good enough?

Have you ever thought of the bridges you've tried building between us.
Those ones, that have to reach across
It fell short, of Lord!
Cos he had stepped out for his cigarette
and had forgotten to wait
His friends came along and made me smile,
knowing full well, that once they reached home they needed,
to have their bearings right with their own wives.

Oh My!! Did I tell you he needs to always unwind after a hard days job
Ever thought of what my house would be if I did the same.
Who would feed the hungry small stomachs
who always want the exotic, when their fathers are around
And if I say no!! I'm made to look like an extinct pig!

Why do my kids always want me to handle their homework,
their stomachs and their unfriendly classmates,
BUt when their father comes home, it is he who gets the
biggest shout, and the hugs and smothering kissess...
I'm not complaining, dear Lord!

Cos I know,

The minute, my foot is out of my door,
I get the call asking for the lost wallet,
or even where the kids milk is kept.
Yes!! I know that the calls are made to find the sugar which is right in front of the cabinet.
My little one calls to ask me if he can eat wafers before lunch
and the older always remember to call and tell me he's hopping over to his friends'

Even if the man takes his much needed break on the Sunday, Dear Lord!!
I still know, that you made my brains so wired, that if I were to rest that day
I'd feel as if i've lost out on one whole day of missed hugs, wet kisses
Crayons on carpets, and milk in the floor halls.
I'd long for the missed calls and also never want to read the paper
if it means...all I get and ever want is that one
Big grin and that one gleam in those eyes!!

I'm so lucky oh Lord!!

I'm so happy you made me a WOMAN!!

To all the women out here who drop in here and to all the men too, who make us feel special and also value our existence out here.



vEENs said...

Gosh! Lovely Prats!

We are plus the rants and the love inspite of the rants :)

and to you women... you are as special anyone else... other than your family and frienzz.. herez a bloggy floggy femme... thanking you for all the wonderful posts.. and on this day.. letting you know that you really make blogger a fun place to drop in and out ;)

have a gr8 day and the rest of the dayzz ahead!

Happy Womenzz day!

hugzz to you and me too ;)

J said...

i think men become complacent once they get married :D

anyways.. happy women's day. Where was that cake you promised??

Guruprasad said...

here's my woman's day sms which i think is very apt for you -

a woman should never consider herself equal to a man! why should she lower herself and be lesser than she what she is? just be yourself.

happy woman's day!

p.s. i don't think that its only men who become less complacent after marriage. women do too... or maybe they become less enigmatic to the men? :P

Preethi said...

that was so lovely.. loved the last paragraph.. i bet I would miss it too..
Happy Womens day

love said...

i am unable to stop my rib-aching laughter on reading the lines asking the spouse why do u need to read the newspaper while i teach the kids general knowledge.
God would never have dreamt that His own miniature creation can raise so many valid questions unanswerable but worth pondering over and perhaps rethink on the pattern of creation. i have to and i do want to read it again and again just for the fun of understanding a woman's thoughts about her spouse.

Thinking aloud said...

happy woman' s day to u too!!!

and from one woman to another...u rock!!!

but u know what? if things were any different than what they are, u may wonder what the hell is going on?

can't live without them!!!can't live with them...


Adorable Pancreas said...

Happy Women's Day!

God, I wish I knew if I was done growing up. Some thing tells me I'm not ready for the label 'woman'. I just got asked which class I was in. Shit.

Keshi said...

Happy Women'Day to u Prats!

Here's my quote for Women's day:

Be a woman..not a MAN-ipulated.


btw I loved ur post..just beautiful!

Also I didn a post for Women's day as well..I need ur input girl. tnxx!


--xh-- said..., that was really a funny one :-D wish you a very happy women's day :-D
i liked the newspaper bit... and no, i wont blame him abt PSP... itz a vice i too share, though not @ a PSP console ;-)

Ziah said...

Prats!! My lovely friend!! Happy Womens Day!:)

I guess within a marriage sometimes is a constant yet subtle struggle against being taken for granted. When everyone blends into a comfort zone, patterns are created that set and harden over time. I guess we need to consciously fight our patterns and theirs so that neither spouse is taken for granted. Difficult, but hopefully do-able. :)

Ps said...

If he is like that(as mentioned in the first two paras) he really does not deserve the woman in his life.

Happy Womens Day.

Brown Girls said...

Happy Women's Day Prats :)


(You go girl!)

Joy said...

Beautiful Post! Hoep your hubby reads this. He would realise again that he is one lucky guy!

Madhumita. said...

Hats off to you for seeing it half full - and hope you had a special woman's day. Also, your family is lucky to have you and I bet they know it too.

brocasarea said...

the problem is "everyone wants to be understood but no one wants to understand"..this is the truth of life!:)

Prats said...

Hey all!!! Thank you so much for all your comments. I'm really caught with stuff and wont be able to reply to each one's comments individually. Hope all of you would understand.
Thank you

Keshi said...

Great post and great list of 'womanly' songs there :) Love em all hun MWAH!


romila said...

Wow! so lovely...loved the last para... after all the rants.

hail to the Woman!